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FREE SHIPPING via UPS Ground to the continental U.S. for Select Products

Harvia Sauna Heaters

The quality and safety of Harvia heaters are based on the use of first-rate materials, backed by a proprietary production technique and meticulous quality control.

Stainless steel is used extensively in making these sauna heaters

All Harvia heaters come with an exceptionally efficient air-circulation system which warms up the heater and the sauna quickly while producing an even temperature. With its wide range of heaters, Harvia offers you the opportunity to choose the right heater to your needs. Added enjoyment is provided by a correctly designed sauna room. The Harvia Sauna heater line offers two unique models with several additional features for those sauna bathers wanting additional elements added to their sauna experience.

Verti Combi Sauna Heater 

Verti Combi units have a steam reservoir

 which when used adds additional humidity to the sauna and allows you to control the temperature and humidity levels. If the steamer function is not used the bather can still ladel water over the rocks in the traditional manner. The steamer is filled manually with a pitcher of water so no additional plumbing is required.


Cilindro Sauna Heater

Budget heater with massive stone amount

Harvia Cilindro electric heater’s massive sauna stone amount provides enjoyable sauna bath. You can choose from three different Cilindro heater models. The quality-price ratio of this floor mounted heater is excellent.


  • Harvia Cilindro Sauna Heater
  • Harvia Cilindro Sauna Heater

  • Price: $1,430.00

  • RRP: $1,680.00
      Save 15%
  • Harvia Verta Combi Sauna Heater
  • Harvia Verta Combi Sauna Heater

  • Price: $2,470.00

  • RRP: $2,970.00
      Save 17%
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