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Outdoor Saunas Kits

Outdoor Home Sauna Kits | DIY: Pre-built and Ready-to-Assemble

Outdoor Home Sauna Kits Come Ready-to-Assemble: Walls, Ceiling and Roof

Cedarbrook outdoor modular sauna kits include:

  • Pre-built insulated wall panels (100% Western Red Cedar) with sauna foil vapor barrier
  • Interior clear tongue and groove panel boards (100% western red cedar)
  • Interior and exterior trim
  • Two-four pre-built benches with commercial style 2"x2" tops, bottom-fastened (prebuilt bench supports included)
  • Insulated pre-hung cedar sauna door with 13" x 13" window standard (larger options) and swings either left or right.
  • Duckboard grating kit (for walking area inside sauna) and trim
  • Ventilation system built-in — A sliding, adjustable inlet and outlet system ensures that your sauna maintains a uniform temperature, conserves energy, and provides a fresh oxygen supply.
  • Accessories include: sauna foil vapor barrier, sauna bucket with liner, wooden ladle, wall light, thermometer, 2 slider vents, 2 vent grills, eucalyptus fragrance, and a cedar headrest.

And the sauna roof package includes:

  • Pre-built roof packages come standard with cedar shingle roofing material for all sauna rooms 5'x7' and smaller
  • Roof kits with pre-built trusses, sheeting and shingles or meatl roofing (call for quote)  are provided for sauna rooms larger than 5'x7' or for shed style roof packages.
  • Metal roofing is available in different colors as a roofing material option. If you choose this option the roofing is shipped with the sauna but needs to be installed in the field with the neoprene washer painted screws provided.

Saunas shown display our customers' situation, style and tastes. Let us know what you're looking to do!

 All traditional electric sauna heaters require 220/240 Volt power with an additional 110v line for the lights.

* For states where cedar shingles are not allowed (check local code) metal roofing can be provided.

  • Built-In Electrical Conduit
  • Built-In Electrical Conduit

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  • RRP: $262.50
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Cedarbrook Sauna Kits and Steamrooms

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