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Sauna Birch/Oak Venik Leaves
Venik Oak leaves Birch Venik in 5 gal Cedar bucket Drying Birch Venik Oak Venik

Sauna Birch/Oak Venik Leaves

Invigorating sauna Birch or Oak leaves or venik

For true sauna purists! Sauna bathers like to tapote (lightly beat) one another with the leaves

The birch leaves have substances that open up the pores and help ventilate the lungs, and open capilliaries under the skin. So you can experience the true essence of the "Banya" (Russian for Spa/Sauna), the venik is a key ingredient. Oak provides the same invigorating results with a slightly different feel.

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How to Use Siberian Birch and Oak Venik Leaves

The Birch or Oak leaves have substances that open up the pores and help ventilate the lungs.

For those who have experienced the true essence of the "Banya" the venik is a key ingredient.

Proper preparation is required. Do not remove the protective net during this process. Wrap the venik in a wet towel and place in a warm place overnight. The next day before use, put the venik in a basin or bucket of boiling hot water. Cover with a towel for about 30 minutes until the leaves are soft. Remove the protective net and use.

Lightly beat one another with venik leaves. The venik in motion even sounds like a train leaving the station when listening to branches breaking the hot sauna air and hitting the sauna bather's skin.

Venik can be used several times. When there are a lot of bare ends discard the venik (sauna branches). Some leaf parts will be left in the sauna, simple let them them dry and clean them up the next day. Vacuming works great! Enjoy the special powers of the birch and Oak venik!!!

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  • Customer: Irina R., Rocklin, CA
    I was surprised when in a Russian style sauna "banya". 1) How hot they had the room. It was nearly 240d F but low humidity. I watched them use the venik on each other and it sounded like train moving out of the station. 2) I see why they use the gloves and the sauna wool hat. When I tried the venik in the room, my fingernails got so hot. Very invigorating. So glad I discovered venik.

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