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Sauna Foil Vapor Barrier / Fits 4x4x7 / 114 Sq Ft
Sauna foil roll Sauna foil exposed with sensor Foil stapled to sauna walls

Sauna Foil Vapor Barrier / Fits 4x4x7 / 114 Sq Ft

Sauna foil vapor barrier reflects the radiant heat back into the room

Staple the sauna foil vapor barrier to the studs over the wall insulation (aluminium side showing) — adds 1R insulation factor by reflecting radiant heat into the sauna

IMPORTANT / PLEASE READ : This sauna foil package has everything required for the size shown above. We have measured for 4 walls, the ceiling, the door plus the overlap for a 7' sauna height. Simple measure your width and length, then choose the appropriate size from our list.

Comes in a 54" wide roll. However our sq ft figures below are based on a 48" roll, so your overlap is taken care of! Aluminum foil sauna vapor barrier is one of the necessary components for traditional sauna room construction. We use foil in all the saunas we manufacture. Do NOT use other vapor barrier materials, such as plastic, Visqueen or Tivek. They melt and/or release an unpleasant odor. 

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Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

Retain More Heat Using an Aluminium Sauna Foil Vapor Barrier

Much better than Visqueen/Plastic sheeting which will deteriorate in the heat and exude a plastic smell.

  • Waterproof Aluminum Vapor Foil
  • Non-permeable
  • Reflects Radiant Heat
  • Flame Resistant
  • Strong Tri-Directional Tear Resistance
  • UL Listed (R3035)
  • Energy Efficient
  • Mold resistant and non-corrosive
  • Click here to read complete data sheet

How Do We Measure the Sauna Foil to Match the Square Footage for this Sauna Size?

  1. We measure the square footage of the walls and ceiling of your sauna, NOT including the door.
  2. So e.g., a 4x4x7 sauna measures like so:
    • 4 walls at 4x7
    • Plus the ceiling at 4x4 = 128 sq. ft.
    • Less the 2x7 door = 114 sq. ft.
  3. Note, Sauna foil comes in a 54" wide roll. However we base all sq ft figures on a 48" roll, so a free 6" overlap is provided.
  4. Recommended overlap for all seams is a minimum 3", but more is OK.
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Jay K., Winnetka, IL
Thanks for the extra foil. Thought they were 4' rolls, but there's 6" extra. Made the overlapping super easy.
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