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5'x7' Freestanding Pre-fab Sauna Kit + Heater + Accessories
5x7 indoor modular sauna kit Customized modular sauna T&G exterior at the factory Plywood exterior Sauna door 10x10 window Sauna door 10x18 window Cement paver base Sauna benches and accessories 5x7 Sauna interior with Heater Polar HMR 60 Heater included in package price Panels (ready to ship) Sample Sauna Layout Double wide low door centered Longways layout Hot Yoga Sauna

5'x7' Freestanding Pre-fab Sauna Kit + Heater + Accessories

Home sauna kit with pre-built panels, door, heater, rocks, benches and accessories for 4+ persons.

*Shown here with side window option not included in the base price

Our modular home sauna kit means assembly is easy. All you need is a screw gun to fasten the panels to the bottom and top rails, slide and secure the ceiling panels atop the walls and you have a sturdy home sauna room!

Our home sauna kit has MORE room – interior is the FULL 5'x7'
Exterior is 5'8" x 7'8" — Includes:

Home sauna kit is 100% Western Red Cedar—even the frame! No pressboard or plywood is ever used. These pre-built, insulated panels form the walls and ceiling of your sauna room. We can make the panels any width you'd like — no extra charge.

Design and layout consultation are all included in the price. After placing an order, our staff will discuss your layout and other needs. Our standard rooms have clear cedar tongue and groove (T&G) interiors and knotty bevel siding exteriors.

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Price: $5,030.00

RRP: $5,950.00   Save 15%
Built by:
Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

5' x 7' Indoor Home Sauna Kit + Heater + Accessories Package | Contents and Options

See our videos on How to Build a Freestanding Sauna | Setting up the DIY Prefab Modular Sauna Kit

All Cedarbrook home sauna kits are made of 100% Western Red Cedar — even the frame!

No pressboard or plywood is ever used. These pre-built, insulated panels form the walls and ceiling of your sauna room. Our standard rooms have clear cedar tongue and groove interiors and knotty bevel siding exteriors.

Our home saunas have more room!The interior is the full 5' x 7', allowing you to stretch out. Exterior measures 5'8" x 7'8" x 6'8"H. Our competitors' interior measurements are 4 to 8 inches less. If you're looking for an outdoor home sauna kit see the outdoor prefab roof packages. Or just start with an outdoor home sauna package.

Package Pricing – Buy Just What You Need

Package Pricing allow you by only the sauna with no heater or accessories, and a few other combinations. You can enhance your sauna by substituting another sauna heater, height of your sauna room, flooring and wall windows.

Home Sauna Kit Includes

  • Pre-built insulated panels with Western Red Cedar
  • Tongue and groove (T&G) interior and bevel siding outside to form the walls and ceiling. T&G exterior optional.
  • Interior and exterior trim
  • Pre-built benches with commercial style 2"x2" tops, bottom-fastened (prebuilt bench supports included). Number of benches is set in the options.
  • Insulated pre-hung cedar sauna door with 13"x13" window and swings either left or right. We offer double insulated window options in several glass sizes.
  • Ventilation system built-in — A sliding, adjustable inlet and outlet system ensures that your sauna maintains a uniform temperature, conserves energy, and provides a fresh oxygen supply.

Sauna Accessories List

We include all the basic accessories to enjoy a truly Nordic sauna experience:

Common Home Sauna Options

Options for your sauna package are below and will affect the price. If you want to see a picture, click the links below.

  • Electrical, gas or wood-burning sauna heater substitutions are always an option regardless if they are offered above. Give us a call so we can best recommend the unit for this size sauna.
  • Sauna Bench Facing – Bench facing covers the space between the high and low benches, but can also cover all the way to the floor
  • Double-wide Bench – Bench extends under high bench allowing sauna bathers to enjoy a much wider bench
  • Enlarge or remove the door window (see options above) – Let more light in or have more privacy, a personal choice.
  • Duckboard on entire floor
  • Electrical Conduit in walls for light, light switch or heater – Makes wiring a snap later. A built-in electrical conduit lowers your electrician cost to wire your sauna. The conduit runs through the ceiling panels and protrudes out the top of the sauna. The electrician will couple onto our built-in conduit. This also provides a disconnect point if you decide to relocate the sauna.
  • Increase interior height to 6'8" or higher!

Additional Items for Your Home Sauna

Visit these links below to see a picture as well as to add the item to your order.

Standard Layout

If you would like to customize your home sauna layout, or if you would like to make substitutions or deletions, please call us anytime. We can nearly always include your changes in our package price.

Home Sauna Kit | Articles of Interest

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Steve Strege
Jan 1, 1971
I finally have some pictures for you! Please see attached. It was a little challenging building the sauna by myself, so I included some photos of the construction process which shows some of the methods/tools used. I ended up going with a full floating upper bench using long 4-5” galvanized screws... it turned out strong and beautiful.

Pictures really don’t do it justice... It was hard to get a wide angle of the interior and a good picture showing the awesome “dimmed” lighting (mood lighting) coming through the benches. If you would like a specific angle or lighting of the sauna, please let me know.. I’m happy to provide.

I would like to say this is one of the nicest saunas I’ve even been in... and it’s in my own house! The craftsmanship and quality of the wood exceeded my expectations. Lastly, the customer service you provided was just fantastic!! I would highly recommend Cederbrook Sauna and Steam!

Thank you so much for everything Brekke!!

Frank M.
Just wanted to say my father-in-law put the sauna together this weekend and it's operational. We used it last night and it was great and I couldn't be happier.

Is there suppose to be a little space between the bottom of the sauna door and the floor? * (see below) We haven't put the trim up yet but there seems to be a little gap under the sauna door. I'm sure it's an easy work around but wanted to check in case that was by design. Went up easy and hassle free and I couldn't be happier.

My wife and I have used the cedar sauna 3x already and we have made it part of our routine. Impressed with how quality it is. Any questions I've had, I can get the builder on the phone which was important to me. It's no wonder your sauna business has lasted as long as it has. I will be in touch about your steam systems shortly. Thanks again.
* This can range from 5/8" to an inch which helps airflow thru the sauna.
Only registered customers are allowed to add review. Please sign in and add your own review!
Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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