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About Cedarbrook Sauna and Steam

Sauna Winter Painting

— by Jan Burkart

The Cedarbrook Sauna and Steam Story ...

Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam is a family-owned and factory-direct business. We manufactures sauna rooms and distribute sauna heaters, steam generators, and accessories. Cedarbrook supplies all the components you'll need to construct your own sauna – the plans, tongue and groove western red cedar, pre-hung door, and benches. You can choose either a pre-fabricated sauna (ready to assemble) that can be erected almost anywhere or a precut sauna kit (ready to install) that can line any framed room.

Sweating the Details Since 1971

John Lysaker Founder and Owner — John Lysaker Founder and Owner — Over 40 years ago a bored bank equipment salesman was tired of calling on bankers (sorry you bankers!) and he was sitting in his own sauna—in a sweat thinking about calling on banks the next day.

A light went on (and not the vapor lock light in his sauna) and John Lysaker (founder and owner) thought "I could sell the saunas I've always liked..." Saunas that were easy to install, so I set my mind to it. I started the DIY prefab modular sauna kits, and then the DIY precut home sauna kits. Built my first sauna for resale in 1971. View this page DIY Sauna Kit Guide page to understand the differences.

John Henry Founder of Cedarbrook Sauna + SteamMy mother growing up in Northern Minnesota said (after us brothers saunaed, rolled in the snow and jumped into a hole in the ice in the lake", and afterwards you always sleep like a baby". Making it even easier to research, my wife Betty was a Pan American flight attendant and I could fly to Finland (the home of saunas) for $10 (employee/spouse discount). John visited several factories brought home some heaters and placed an add in the local Little Nickel classified paper out of a home office and the rest is history.

From Clicks to Bricks

cedarbrook sauna showroom If you only know Cedarbrook Sauna & Steam via the Internet, you know only a fraction of what we provide. Cedarbrook Sauna & Steam combines the best of online convenience with traditional store front face-to-face customer service.

Just step offline and into our Hwy 9 showroom just north of Seattle in Woodinville. For those of you who like to smell the Western Red Cedar before purchasing, come in anytime. We feature fully-functioning saunas that allow you to feel the heat. Take it from our shoppers—we offer premium service. “Shopping at Cedarbrook Sauna & Steam is like getting a sample of a truly Nordic sauna experience,” says one customer who recently purchased a sauna.

Consult the Sauna & Steam Experts

cedarbrook cedar mill Our sauna consultants help you make the best fit for your needs. Our sauna consultants are accomplished professionals, who've tested sauna heaters and steam generators from all brand manufacturers. “Cedarbrook Sauna & Steam is unique in its approach to selling saunas,” says another customer.  “They are seasoned sauna and steam users.”

To businesses in need of a commercial sauna or steam room, our consultants are completely equipped to answer all of your questions while pointing out the latest trends and cutting edge products. “We provide great service by customizng each sauna carefully to what the customer needs,” says one appliance consultant. “Our prices are also cheaper than most other online sauna and steam sites.”

Why Buy from Cedarbrook Sauna and Steam?

  1. We have nearly 40 years of experience in the sauna industry.
  2. [since we started our company, 1971 – not combined persons' experience]
  3. Saunas and steam is our only business, not a secondary business like a Pool or Spa Company.
  4. We double inspect all sauna lumber for high quality.
  5. We have quality, informative support both before and after the sale.
  6. We are a Scandinavian family-run business. Saunas are just in our blood.
  7. Cedarbrook's benches have commercial thick (2" nominal) bench tops that are bottom-screwed and back fastened with no exposed metal that could burn your skin.
  8. We cover the entire US for both residential and commercial sauna and steam applications. Want to do it yourself? We can help there too!
  9. Cedarbrook handles heaters from the World's two largest and oldest heater manufactures: Tylo from Sweden and Saunatec (Polar Heaters) from Finland.
  10. We stand by our word!

Come to our Sauna and Steam Showroom

So next time you want to get a little face time with a new appliance or speak with a consultant, pay a visit to our showroom, or call our friendly, professional staff at 1-800-426-3929.

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Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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