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Home Sauna Kits | DIY Cedar Sauna Kits for Homes + Spas

Our Sauna Kits — Built by Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam:

Cedarbrook Sauna builds DIY ready-to-assemble and ready-to-install indoor and outdoor sauna kits for residential, commercial, and other facilities

Pre-FAB Home Sauna Kits

Ready to Assemble

Prefab Home Sauna Kits come as pre-built panels that fit together. If outdoors, then a sauna roof kit is included.

These packages require NO framing or general construction work except for a non-permeable floor such as cement slab, pavers, brick, tile or pressure-treated lumber with plywood. Add a roof package to locate the sauna outdoors!!

Pre-CUT Sauna Kits

Ready to Install

Precut Sauna Kits fit your room with precut boards over the studs and sauna benches to finish your sauna room.

Basically, we pre-cut full length cedar (tongue and groove cedar) that lines the interior of the room. Each package is based on your room measurements. We customize each roomas a standard procedure. All boards are sent full length and require that they be trimmed in the field. In most cases the bench length also needs to be cut to length after the cedar tongue and groove has been installed for a custom wall to wall fit. Request for Quote!.


We provide custom sauna design, sauna heaters of all types, doors, accessories and cedar lumber. We have indoor and outdoor sauna kits for every condition!

We create truly durable Nordic saunas for homes, spas, hotels and athletic clubs! Saunas built to best fit your outdoor space or indoor room, budget, and unique taste — Cedarbrook Sauna is a manufacturer. We build prefab modular sauna and precut sauna rooms using the highest quality Canadian western red cedar throughout — even the framing of our modular saunas is cedar, (no plywood or glue is ever used). All our sauna packages include a sauna heater, sauna benches, sauna door, and accessories.

Promoting the ancient tradition for 49 years!! — Sauna bathing provides a proven period of digital detoxification. Electronic devices overheat in the sauna!!!!

Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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