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Custom Sauna Doors

Cedarbrook manufactures a complete line of custom sauna doors

We pride ourselves on meeting a challenge. Our sauna door builders will try almost anything.

If you have something unique or have a need for custom glass etchings. Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam can deliver the goods. We can order custom window sizes, custom jamb thickness or width and custom cedar door materials. All custom door however must swing out and have no locks or latches. - Call for a quote.

All of our custom doors are constructed from 100% cedar and all joints have biscuits and glue to prevent sagging. Our standard jamb width is 5 1/8", with a thickness of 7/8". These doors when installed have no threshold.

Tempered window options are available, as well as etched glass. We can etch your logo, family seal or any scene. Please send your artwork for a quote.

 Includes two standard hinges, one self closing bomber hinge and one wood handle for the outside. Sauna doors are pre-hung door in a 5 1/8" wide jamb for either Left Hinged or Right Hinged swings. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of sauna doors. Choose from either 1x4 or 1x6 tongue and groove cedar.

  • Two Glass Sauna Walls
  • Two Glass Sauna Walls

  • Price: $3,360.00

  • RRP: $3,912.00
      Save 14%
  • Custom Sauna All Glass Front Wall
  • Custom Sauna All Glass Front Wall

  • Price: $1,542.00

  • RRP: $2,242.00
      Save 31%
  • Custom Sauna Door + Etched Waterfall
  • Custom Sauna Door + Etched Waterfall

  • Price: $1,042.00

  • RRP: $1,242.00
      Save 16%
  • Multiple Window Sauna Door
  • Multiple Window Sauna Door

  • Price: $773.00

  • RRP: $959.00
      Save 19%
  • Etched Glass Mountain Scene
  • Etched Glass Mountain Scene

  • Price: $496.00

  • RRP: $652.00
      Save 24%
  • Back to Back Wooden Door Handles
  • Back to Back Wooden Door Handles

  • Price: $56.00

  • RRP: $75.00
      Save 25%
Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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