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Finlandia FLB-60 Electric Sauna Heater
Finlandia FLB-60 Controls close up Rocks are included Heater + Guard Rail Mount Heater 23" Off Floor

Finlandia FLB-60 Electric Sauna Heater

Electric Sauna Heater + Built-in Controls + Rocks

Pour water on the sauna heater vulcanite rocks for traditional steam while you sauna

  • Sauna heater has built-in controls
  • Output 6.0 kW, 240 Volt,  23 amps
  • Heats a sauna room: min/max 150/300 cu. ft.
  • Programmable Time Clock can be preset up to 8 Hours

Enjoy a traditional Finnish steamy sauna experience. UL approved to ladel water on the heater rocks for blast of steam! Just a rock solid sauna heater for a smaller sauna space. Includes 40 lbs of Vulcanite sauna rocks.

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Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater Series with Built-in Controls

Finlandia is a very reliable brand. The HMR Series offers a good quality wall-mounted sauna heater with built-in controls. The outer casing and rock container are made of an aluminum-zinc alloy, the cover is of cast aluminum and the grill is stainless steel. You can pour water on the heater rocks for traditional Finnish sauna steam experience.

FINLANDIA FLB-60 Sauna Heater Features

  • Sauna Heater is standard wall-mount
  • Built in Controls (60 Min. Timer (with 1-8 hour pre set, Thermostat)
  • Programmable Time Clock can be preset up to 8 Hours
  • Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • Welded unibody powder  coated glossy Enamel Exterior with compressed metal design for the greatest strength
  • Control location can moved from the front  to either side.
  • Includes 45 lbs. of Vulcanite sauna rocks
  • Controls can also be located on either side of the sauna heater
  • Not for commercial application because of the 1-8 delay timer

Technical Specifications

Outputs Sauna volume
Min. distance to
side wall
Min. ceiling
Size Electrical specs
for 1-phase
Wire Sz
6.0 kW 150 / 300 cu. ft. 4" (8" if recessed) 74" 23"h x 16"w x 11"d 240V / 23A 10

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Jo L.
May 14, 2021
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Good morning Brekke,

We got an electrician to come out and replace the old Polar Stove with the new Finlandia Stove. The Polar was corroded, rusty and the wires inside were fried. The elctrician showed us all the wires that had burned. I’m enclosing a few photos we took of the stove. The Finlandia had to have a new hole drilled for the electrical cable because the Polar had the electricity coming in through the back and the new one had to have the cable come through the bottom, but the hole there wasn’t big enough, so he drilled a new hole. He had to add some wire to the cable and move a couple of bolts on the wall because the wall mount was slightly wider on the new stove. BUT… bottom line… we took our first good sauna in a long time this morning. I guess most people don’t take a sauna everyday, but we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years, so we were happy to get back in there.
Thanks for sending along the Finlandia so quickly. If we need anything else, I’ll email, but for now… a big THANK YOU is in order.

All best,
Jo L, Bainbridge Island, WA
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