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Harvia Virta 8.0 KW Sauna Heater
Power Supply Xenio Control Harvia Verta

Harvia Virta 8.0 KW Sauna Heater

Harvia Virta Stainless Steel 8.0KW, 240V Sauna Heater + Controls + Sauna Stones

The Harvia Virta stainless steel premium sauna heaters are a traditional hot rock sauna heater with external controls. We have priced this product as a complete package that includes the power box and the digital Xenio control or machanical F2T control + FX 402 relay box. UL approved to ladle water on the heater rocks.

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Harvia Virta Stainless Steel 8.0KW, 240V Sauna Heater Package w/Controls & Sauna Stones

Harvia Virta steel premium sauna heaters are perfect for regular and large family saunas.

Due to their strong construction and exceptionally easy service (front access panel that exposes all the elctrical componenets), they are well suited for frequent use and long, relaxing sauna baths.

A  heater is the highest qualty electric heater with a large stone capacity. This allows a fantastic traditional Finnish sauna. Ladel water over the rocks for blast of steam. Add essential oils like eucalyptus for a fragrant and theraputic steam.   Includes Stones and Xenio CX30-C controls or the mechanical F2T controls which must me mounted outside the sauna room. The Xenio control ands relay box are not suitable for outdoors with freezing tempeaturs as the contactors will freeze and the sauna will not work. 

Harvia Virta Combi Steel 8.0 KW, 240V-1PH, 33.3 AMPS

Heats 177 - 425 cu. ft. 

Rock capacity 100 Lbs. * This item ships common carrier not UPS.

Technical Specifications

Outputs Sauna volume
Min. distance to
side wall
Min. ceiling
Size Electrical specs
for 1-phase
Wire Sz
8.0 kW 177 / 425 cu. ft. 4" (8" if recessed) 74" 32"h x 17"w x 17"d 240V / 33.3 Amps 10

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