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Home Sauna Kit Advantages

Home Sauna Kits Offer Convenience, Privacy and Your Own Ambiance

Installing a home sauna kit does not require a ton of experience or expertise. We recommend you have an electrician wire a dedicated circuit unless you are making sauna less than 4x6. Then, you can get by with a simple sauna heater that plugs into your standard outlet. See the Polar PD sauna heater heaters for more info.

Home sauna kits and costs

Dollar for dollar sauna rooms are still one of the least expensive rooms in a home. Costing usually about a third of installing a new bathroom. And at least half the cost of an outdoor sauna structure. These days there are home sauna kits that make converting a room into a sauna a fairly straight forward process.

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Cedarbrook home sauna kits include a lot of sauna accessories!

View some common sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 6x8. Also see How to Order a Precut Home Sauna Kit.

Home sauna size

A small saunas can easily fit in a home or even a condo. There are closet-sized sauna kits (3'x5') and even one person infrared sauna tents. Many people recovering from illnesses and seniors like the infrared sauna tents because they do not get terribly hot, about 130° F at the upper end. And the infra-red light spectrum is very healing and boosts the immune system. They also disassemble fairly easily should you need to move it to another room or home.

Home sauna experience and ambiance

Like any room in your house, I imagine you decorate it with your things and taste. Saunas are the same, especially where it regards ambiance and lighting. There are many lighting choices these days: sauna lighting choices: wet/dry recesssed lights (4" or 6"), salt lamps, rope lights, lights on a dimmer, wood lampshades, infrared lights etc. If you have a little extra money, lights can really set a great mood. Of course, candles work too! Read more about infrared on Dr. Larry Wilson's site.

Also you'll probably have your own sauna body brush, and prefer to keep it that way. Or consider, sauna birch leaves or venik to invigorate the body.

Home sauna privacy

America is a great place, but we don't have a long community history of bathing naked with strangers – like the Romans. But we do have an abundance of western red cedar to make a sauna room. Of course, a home sauna room is the most privacy you can enjoy! It's all yours and you decide who you invite. And you can go completely naked (like a Roman). Very comforting to many of our customers.

Home sauna convenience

Modern technology makes it easily possible to set your sauna timer heat up in 30min to 8hrs, return and enjoy a healthy sweat. All possible, you just need to make a small room available in your house or basement. Of course, you can easily walk to your sauna, rather than drive to your local fitness club.

Home sauna safety

Many feel quite drowsy after a sauna, and prefer to rehydrate and then take a nap. Home saunas are the perfect scenario for serious rest and relaxation.

Cold climates

Driving to a sauna in cold climates is not everyone's idea of a picnic. If you are uncomfortable in the cold or don't find it as invigorating as our Norse brothers and sisters, then a home sauna is a great fit.

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