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Sauna Buyer's Guide | Choosing the Right Sauna

DIY & Home Sauna Kits Reviewed and Compared

Home sauna kit features, costs and benefits are reviewed and compared with short guides on how to build the sauna kit, plus things we like, and other sauna facts.

View the basic steps to completing these sauna kits, jump down the page to:  Prefab Modular Sauna Kit, Precut Sauna Kit, Infrared Sauna Tent, Sauna Cabinet.

Compare the features and benefits of different types of DIY sauna kits below.

DIY Home Sauna Kits | Features, Costs and Benefits

  Prefab sauna kit assembles indoors and outdoors Precut sauna kit, includes door, heater and all accessories infrared sauna tent portable sauna cabinet
  Prefab Modular Sauna Kit Precut Sauna Kit Infrared Sauna Tent Sauna Cabinet
Proper Use Indoor or Outdoor + roof Indoor only Indoor only Indoor only
Time to Build ½ -1 day (excl. prep work) 2-4 days (excl. prep work) 1 hour Few hours
Skills to Build Moderate Involved / DIY Easy Easy
Sauna Sizes 4' x 4' – 8' x 12' 3' x 5' – 12' x 12'+ 4½' x 3½' 2' x 4' – 4' x 6'
# Sauna Bathers 2 – 8+ 2 – 10+ 1 1 – 3
Cost per Sq Ft               
Heat Source Wood burning  Gas  Electric  infrared light Infrared emitter Wood burning  Gas  Electric  infrared light  Infrared emitter infrared light Electric  infrared light  Infrared emitter
Portability Yes, can be relocated Installed once and only Very portable Portable, but heavy
Temperature Range 140°F – 180°F+ 140°F – 180°F+ 120°F – 130°F 120°F – 160°F
Requirements Outside base (pressure-treated wood, cement, brick, tile)
Indoors, any non-permeable floor
Framed room. Lower ceiling
Larger space need 220v power
Grounded elec outlet; Wooden frame with canvas wrap (incl.) Grounded elec outlet
Store Links Indoor Kits / Outdoor Kits Home Sizes / Spa Sizes Tent Infrared Cabinets
Video / Help Page How to Build a Prefab Sauna How to Convert a Room to a Sauna Infrared Sauna Tent Assembly (See Manufacturer's Instructions)
Legend: Wood burning = Woodburning sauna stove; Gas = Gas sauna stove; Electric = Electrical sauna heater; infrared light = Infrared light; Infrared emitter = Infrared emitter

DIY Prefab Modular Home Sauna Kit — How to Build: May be assembled indoors or outdoors

prefab sauna kit

Architect's rendering showing how the prefab panels form the sauna's shape


Indoor Prefab DIY Kit
Outdoor Prefab DIY Kit


Prefab Sauna Videos
How to Build a Prefab Sauna
Prefab Outdoor Sauna Photos


  • Traditional outdoor cedar sauna experience without building an entire structure
  • Kit design quickly builds a sauna indoors or out
  • Great for remote locations
  • More likely to have a wood-fired sauna heater
  • Panels are pre-insulated with fiberglass insulation and foil vapor barrier
  • Kit sizes: 4' x 4' – 8' x 12'


  • Prefab sauna kits can be disassembled and moved to a new location
  • Easy construction. This sauna is not really "built" as much as erected

Prefab modular sauna kit is composed of pre-built wall sections (or panels) ready to screw together, quickly making a sturdy freestanding sauna room indoors or outdoors

SITUATION: You want a sauna outdoors, or if indoors you'd rather not endure construction in a spare room, or you may want a sauna kit you can relocate, or your sauna location is in the woods. DIY assembly time: 1/2 day, excluding base prep work

  1. Sauna kit starts as a wooden frame over the base
  2. The panels are screwed together which form the sauna room walls. Each panel is 6'4"H x 4"D x Width is flexible and depends on your site's needs, but usually 2' or more.
  3. Add the sauna door – which is part of a wall panel
  4. Pre-built ceilng panels completely enclose the sauna, so interior height is 6'4", but can be made taller. If outdoors, add the sauna roof.
  5. Next, you'll need to wire for your sauna heater. A conduit planned through the panel makes it easy to push your wire through. Or your electrician can just drill a hole. Mount or set your heater. Add your benches and you're ready to take a sauna.

Indoor prefab sauna kits are usually placed in a larger room, basement, cabin or sometimes under an outside shelter. This sauna kit can be erected indoors or outdoors, and can be taken down and moved (in about a half-day). If you're wanting a stand-alone outdoor sauna, then we include an sauna roof kit.

Outdoor prefab sauna kits should be erected on a suitable base, such as, pressure-treated wood, cement, pavers or tile. If you're building this kit indoors, then any non-permeable base will work. Tile or vinyl are common. Or if you have an outdoor shelter, then you're fine with just the ceiling panels. Sauna roof kits do have space for more insulation, if desired. See how to build a prefab sauna kit outdoors.

Many picture an outdoor sauna experience as a healthy sweat next to a wood-fired sauna heater followed by an invigorating cold plunge in the lake. If you picture'd that too, then the outdoor prefab modular sauna kit is the best fit for a traditional sauna experience.



Sauna panels are assembled on a suitable base: cement, brick, tile.
A frame acts as a track for the wall panels.

Sauna wall panels screw together to form a sturdy sauna room. Panels can include windows, door, and conduit.

Gabled roof kit trusses are screwed to the top of the walls. More insulation can be added.

An outdoor prefab sauna kit fully assembled on site. Ready to sauna!


DIY Precut Home Sauna Kit — How to Build: Converts a framed room into an indoor sauna

Bare wall ready for insulation, wiring, and the DIY precut sauna kit installation


Residential Sizes < 50 sq ft
Commercial Sizes > 50 sq ft


Precut Sauna Videos
How to Build a Sauna | Convert a Room
› Download the Precut Sauna Field Measurement Form (PDF)



  • Love the convenience of an indoor home sauna. You'll find you're taking more saunas
  • Indoor saunas often have remote controls, so your sauna turns on automatically after work
  • Custom-cut boards will finish a sauna room quickly
  • Love the smell of cedar
  • Kit sizes: 3' x 5' – 12' x 12'+


  • An indoor sauna can NOT be relocated, but it can improve the appeal and value of your home
  • Lower room's ceiling to 6'8"- 7'4" ideally

Precut sauna kit is composed of pre-cut and custom-cut cedar boards. This kit basically lines the walls of an existing closet or room with cedar.

SITUATION: You're converting a framed closet, a shed or a spare room in your house, spa, resort or other facility into a sauna room. DIY construction time: 2-4 days, excluding room prep work.

  1. Prep work: If your closet or room has drywall now, you'll demo the room down to the studs. Flooring should be a non-permeable material.
  2. Plan for location of heater and power source, vents, lights, and bench layout.
  3. Wire the room for electricity, and for your heater's requirements.
  4. Insulate with fiberglass insulation and a foil vapor barrier.
  5. Nail the "pre-cut / custom-cut" cedar boards to the length of your ceiling and walls, thus lining the sauna room with cedar. Normally, cedar paneling is clad horizontally.

Continue reading our step-by-step article on converting a room into a sauna with a precut sauna kit, How to Build a Sauna | Convert a Room, and watch our DIY Precut Sauna Videos.

To order this kit, you'd need to measure your room's walls. Download the Precut Sauna Field Measurement Form (PDF) to measure your new sauna room. Keep in mind saunas do NOT need a high ceiling. In fact, a lower ceiling keeps your heating costs down. A range of about 6'8" to 7'4" is a good ceiling height for an indoor sauna.



After baring the studs, insulate and wire the sauna room

Precut sauna kits includes cedar paneling, benches, door, sauna heater and accessories

Installing the cedar tongue and groove boards

A precut indoor sauna kit built, ready to sauna!


View precut sauna sizes in the store


DIY Infrared Sauna Tent — How to Build: Perfect for a small home or condo, indoor only

infrared sauna tent

Infrared sauna tent with infrared lights


Infrared Sauna Tent
Light Box Only


Infrared Tent Assembly Photos


  • Kit assembly in one hour
  • The sauna tent does not get too hot – only about 130°F
  • The heat from the lights is almost instant (5-10 seconds)
  • Infrared light has many immune boosting and health benefits
  • Light plugs into any grounded 110v electrical outlet


  • Direct infrared lights have penetrating heat inspiring many sauna bathers to add an infrared light box to their traditional sauna.
  • Measures 46"D x 40"W x 72"H and acommodates one person
  • My cats love the infrared light

Infrared sauna tent is the simplest sauna kit available and is designed for one person. It's a wooden frame you assemble and wrap with precut canvas to contain the light and heat emitted from the infrared lights.

SITUATION: You prefer the penetrating heat and immune-boosting effects of infrared lights in your sauna. You live in a condo and want to conserve space. You don't like your saunas too hot (< 130°F). DIY assembly time: 1 hour.

  1. Prep work: None other than a clear place to assemble
  2. Constructing the precut wooden frame only requires a drill with a screw bit.
  3. Screw the light to the frame.
  4. Wrap precut canvas around the frame and secure with the Velcro straps.
  5. Lay down the flooring and set the stool. View step-by-step Sauna Tent Assembly

infrared sauna cats

My cats love the infrared light and heat.
But NEVER enclose your pet inside the tent



Assembling the frame. A drill with a screw bit makes it super easy

Infrared sauna tent frame assembled. Measures 46"D x 40"W x 72"H

Attach the infrared light to the frame, and then wrap the precut canvas with Velcro straps around the frame

Add the stool and cedar duckboard (flooring) – Ready to sauna!


Portable Sauna Cabinet — How to Build: A plug'n'enjoy sauna, indoor only


portable sauna cabinet

Portable sauna cabinets are convenient


Infrared cabinets



  • No construction on the property
  • Minimal effort necessary to assemble and begin using (2-4 hrs)
  • Very portable, although heavy


  • Many sauna cabinets may come with infrared lights or emitters
  • These are small units and usually only accommodate 2 sauna bathers; 4 in a seated position
  • Need to plug into a standard 110v outlet
  • Do NOT get very hot ~125ºF.

Sauna cabinets are designed to plug-in and enjoy quickly, with minimal owner effort  to assemble and begin using them.

SITUATION: You are entertaining 2 to 3 sauna bathers. You'd rather not endure any construction in your home. You really prefer the heat and immune-boosting effects of infrared lights in your sauna. You don't have much space for a sauna. DIY assembly time: Varies, but about 2-4 hrs for most.

  1. Prep work: None other than a clear place to assemble
  2. These saunas come with the manufacturer's instructions and assemble indoors.
  3. Typically, the sauna cabinet is designed in 2-4 main parts making assembly fairly easily

Since these saunas are designed to plug into a normal 110v outlet, they can take longer to warm up. They are usually designed to accommodate two sauna bathers, and as many as four, when everyone is seated.


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