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How to Measure and Order a Precut Sauna Kit

Steps to sizing your precut sauna kit

First off, one question we always seem to get is "My sauna is custom... does that cost extra?" No, absolutely not. Every sauna is custom at Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam. See below, picking your sauna.

  1. MEASURE – You'll need to measure the existing room you're converting to a sauna. Download the Precut Sauna Field Measurement Form.
  2. VIEW SAUNA SIZES – See our kits: residential precut saunas and commercial precut saunas:
  3. PICK YOUR SAUNA – Pick the sauna package that best fits your room. If you measured a wall at 5 ft 9 inches, then round up to 6' foot). We'll cut it a 5'9".
  4. ORDER ONLINE or CALL – Order and then email us a sketch of your sauna room. See sample Precut Sauna Floor Plans.
  5. WE SWEAT THE DETAILS – We'll have a conversation before, during and after your order (as needed), so your layout and dimensions are exact when it arrives. And answer any questions regarding your heater, etc.
  6. WE SHIP YOUR PRECUT SAUNA – We ship the precut cedar, a sauna heater (substitutions may be made), sauna door, sauna accessories, and sauna benches.

Noteworthy: The precut saunas finish the interior of the room. Precut saunas are permanent and cannot be relocated. IF you would like a portable sauna, see our DIY prefab modular sauna kits. The precut sauna is designed for new construction or situations where you have a room already framed-in.


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