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Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam is the better choice

We'd like to think so, but here's why!

  1. Our pricing: We offer a high value for a fair price. We do NOT charge any extra for custom changes.
  2. Our interior sizes are the true FULL dimensions, e.g. the inside of a 4'x6' modular sauna is the space you'll actually use and thusly, the exterior measures 8 more inches, in this case 4'8" x 6'8".
  3. We stand by our saunas with standard traditional use for its lifetime. It is not unusual for customers to call 20-30 years after the original purchase who need to replace a part or recondition their sauna interior. Truly a durable good!
  4. We are forthright about our manufacturing methods and our sauna construction — always 100% cedar throughout!
  5. We offer a Northwest cabin style sauna that thrills traditional sauna health enthusiasts.
  6. We answer the phone — the best invention since the internet.
  7. Last, we've actually been using our saunas since our inception — family-owned since 1970!

We thank you for your business!