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We set a pressure treated wooden base with a plywood overlay

Setting your wooden base for your outdoor saunaWooden sauna base for outdoor home sauna kit

In our case, we were making the video and wanted to show you from start to finish how to erect the prefab modular sauna. Many customers who purchase an outdoor sauna set them on a cement slab, pavers, tile, or a deck, or other.

A wooden base has the advantage of making relocating your sauna later to another location much easier. Wood will rot if in contact with wet dirt, so use pressure-treated wood as your sauna's base, or use something more permanent. Then ...

Cover your pressure-treated wooden base with a vapor barrier and plywood

After completing the wooden base, staple some 6mm plastic over the top. This acts as a vapor barrier and protects your sauna's sub flooring from moisture. The plastic is then covered by two sheets of plywood (at least ½" CDX). If desired, you could cover the plywood with hardy board and tile. Or later, you can cover the plywood with removable duckboard cedar flooring.

Also noteworthy, IF you live in an area where ants are prevalent, you might consider putting diatomaceous earth under the plywood as pest control. This is one of the few natural remedies which make ants turn around fast. Diatomaceous earth will cut into an ant's exoskeleton, so they avoid it entirely. Caution: Do NOT breath diatomaceous earth. It is an extremely fine dust and can agitate your lungs. Always follow the manufacturer's label during application.