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Save when building your own sauna!

We understand, when building your own sauna sometimes you need to do it as cheaply as possible.

  • Save time. Complete your spare room with a precut home sauna kit.
  • Build your own benches. We can provide the wood and instructions.
  • Use 1x material for your bench tops. Using residential 9/16" sauna bench tops instead of the commercial 1½" (2x2) saves and works well.
  • Two-piece wall construction. You sacrifice that nice clean look of a sauna wall without any gaps, but the savings are huge when using 2 pieces to span your studs vs longer 4', 6', or 8' T'n'G cedar. Thus, an 8' wall would spanned by 2 4' pieces, a 6' wall spanned by 2 3' pieces. Save even more using finger-joined cedar material — very green and a fantastic use of very short pieces.
  • Fit your sauna with only two benches. Some saunas seem cluttered with 3 or 4 benches.
  • Vent your sauna from under your door. Thus, sparing you the time and expense of a lower vent. You will still want to keep the upper vent though.
  • Pull your own wire. Work closely with your electrician and pull your own wire. Save the critical connections for the expert.
  • No frills sauna door. Order a sauna door made with tight knot cedar (no window). These are still great sauna doors, and the knots add a Ponderosa style. Choose your cladding width and direction.