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Structural permit for the home sauna

Commonly, an outdoor sauna and structures of 120 sq ft or less do not require permits (in the U.S.). Some counties allow larger structures of up to 200 sq. ft. without permits. You may run into some problems if you put your sauna right on the property line you share with a neighbor, a parking strip or an access easement.

While adding a residential circuit is fairly straight-forward for any electrician, it may not be a bad idea to get an electrical permit for your indoor sauna. You can call your county permitting department to easily check. Most sauna installations require 220/240v power with a hard wire connection to a separate 30 or 40 amp breaker in your electrical panel. In some instances, a small tradional style sauna can be wired to 110/120v circuit, if the circuit to the panel with a #12 gauge wire.

You will definitely want an electrical permit for your commercial sauna.