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Infrared Lights & Saunas FAQs

Infrared Lights & Saunas

What is Infrared Light?

Our Infrared lamps in our infrared saunas emit mostly near infrared

  • Inside the electro-magnetic spectrum, Infrared light is manufactured by the sun. The Infrared Sauna Light Bulbs reproduce this light.
  • Thus it is a portion of the sun’s invisible band of frequencies. Even though the far infrared band of light is not detectable to the human eye, the heat sensation is felt. In addition, infrared energy is felt as body heat.
  • Infrared energy heats things by direct, molecular excitation, without heating the air between spaces. Far Infrared rays penetrate the body’s tissue much deeper than near infrared rays do.
  • The body absorbs  Infrared heat waves and that encourage the transfer of water across cellular membranes.
  • Once this happens and the cellular membranes are hydrated the blood flow is enhanced and ultimately assists with an assortment of biologically beneficial healing functions.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

infrared light spectrum

What are Ceramic Infrared Emitters?

Infrared Ceramic EmittersProvides deep penetrating infrared heat

These are high quality ceramic emitters controlled by an external control box. Up to 12 emitters can be wired to one control box. We've done our research and have only found one that is safe and effective. See the only ceramic infrared emitters we sell.

Ideal for people who are constucting a built-in infrared sauna room. Your electrician will wire and mount the emitters and control into your stud bays at the correct locations. You then install the wood to your walls.

What are the wavelengths of light emitted from your infrared lights?

Our infrared lights emit NO ultraviolet light and no electromagnetic field

Infrared Light Info

The amount of energy in a light wave is related to its wavelength: Shorter wavelengths have higher energy. Of visible light, violet has the most energy, and red has the least. Just next to the visible light spectrum is the infrared (IR) spectrum. Infrared light can be split into three categories:

  • Near spectrum ranges from 700-1600 nanometers. Closest to visible light.
  • Middle spectrum ranges from 1700-3000 nanometers. Both near-IR and mid-IR are used by a variety of electronic devices, including remote controls.
  • Far spectrum ranges from 3000- 5000 nanometers. Occupying the largest part of the infrared spectrum.

Can I add infrared to any sauna I choose?

infrared light boxInfrared Light Box Additions

Yes, many of our sauna customers add an infrared light box to a traditional sauna heater using granite rocks.

Infrared Red Features

  • Boost the Heat — Infrared lights take only about 2 seconds to reach their peak temperature (about 110°F.). I love having one on the back of the double wide lower bench
  • Healing Therapy — Infrared light has some great healing properties that deeply penetrate the body. Read more health information and details in our health benefits of an infrared therapy page.
  • Great Ambiance — The red lights add a soothing color to a tradtional sauna.

Is infrared light safe in the sauna?

Infrared therapy lights can be placed inside an existing traditional sauna, a small closet that you line with natural untreated wood, a Cedarbrook light tent or small modular sauna

These infrared heat lamps are incandecent bulds which emit virtually no EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) !!!!

Infrared Light CatInfrared light is safe for use in a sauna style application. The wavelengths of heat are safe and contain no harmful ultra-violet rays.

Also noteworthy, the wavelength of infrared heat from the lights penetrate about 2" through your skin. Infrared lights heats produce heat immediately and typically will heat up a small indoor spaces of 4’Lx4’Wx6’H or less in about 15-25 minutes. When sitting in front of the infrared sauna light, you'll feel the heat instantly, but allow 5-10 minutes for a good sweat to develop. Similar to a other saunas, we advise sauna bathers to limit exposure to the concentrated infrared heat to 15-25 minute periods and discontinue use anytime you feel at all light-headed. Always drink water prior to, during and after sauna bathing.

What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?

Lawrence Wilson, MD and Megan Lorimer have written the following article: Infrared Light Sauna Therapy Health Benefits. Reprinted with permission.

infrared sauna therapy light

Infrared Saunas are very popular and the new best kept secret in personal care. In case you haven't heard, here's a little run down outlining what the infrared sauna is and what it can do for you...

What's An Infrared Sauna?

Infrared energy is the natural energy that we get from the sun. All life on earth (except for those weird fish at the bottom of the ocean) relies on it for life. Basically, infrared heats your body without warming the air that surrounds you. FIR energy travels deep into your tissue and increases circulation and nourishes damaged tissue.

While infrared comes from the sun, not all elements that come from the sun are good for you. Too much sunlight can damage the skin and tissue. Infrared can warm you without the negative effects. Of course, infrared is safe and people have utilized it for decades for everything from keeping hamburgers warm to curing disease.

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Traditional saunas aren't always the best way to relax. Sitting in a regular sauna chamber can heat up your body to unhealthy levels, and some people develop breathing problems as a result. Therefore, infrared saunas great for the whole family. They are also good for the power bill as you are only heating individual bodies, instead of entire rooms. In fact infrared is so safe, the coast guard uses it to warm up hypothermia victims.

Infrared saunas also have added safety features like timers and temperature caps. The length of session and temperature of your body is monitored carefully and if there are any anomalies the infrared sauna will shut itself off immediately.

The infrared sauna can also alleviate small day-to-day pains. By expanding your blood vessels and increasing circulation, more oxygen reaches every part of the body. This helps your body heal. It is especially good after a workout to repair damaged tissue.

The infrared saunas (view them in the store) can also help manage weight loss. As your body heats up, its natural response is to try and cool down. This requires the burning of energy. This results in about a 300-calorie expenditure for each relaxing 30-minute session in the infrared sauna. Fat becomes water soluble at 110 degrees F°, so as long as you reach this temp your body will begin burning fat as well.

Besides, all of this the sweat will help your skin. The time away from your daily stresses will help your mood and you'll leave so many of the days toxins behind. So really there is nothing to lose. Whether for exercise or relaxation the infrared sauna is the hot ticket.

What is an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas deliver a milder environment and experience compared to dry saunas with no added humidity

Infrared sauna rays deliver direct heat in about 15 seconds and heat the air. Infrared emitters and lights can heat a sauna, but generally infrared is used in smaller saunas 4'x5' or less.

For those who enjoy a penetrating heat blast experience, but cannot take or do not enjoy the intense heat of a traditional saunas, infrared is an excellent alternative.

Many people who have experienced and enjoyed traditional saunas inquire about infrared saunas thinking it will be the same. And not helped by the many sauna dealers (especially those reselling saunas imported from China) keep touting how infrared saunas are nearly the same. It is IMPORTANT to KNOW the infrared experience is not the same. Infrared saunas DO provide a very good sauna experience especially if you DO NOT like high heat, but infrared saunas are very different from a traditional sauna. We've written even more information here, see: Infrared Sauna Basics.