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Presale Sauna Kit FAQs

Presale Questions

Do you offer financing for Saunas or Steamrooms?

Sauna and Steamroom Financing

Yes, we do offer financing for sauna kits / packages and steamrooms through PayPal.

Review their Bill Me Later offerings. See the PayPal Bill Me Later: FAQs on our website.

Additionally, you may place a 50% deposit down to commence production on your sauna, then pay the remainder before delivery. Please use the greatest invention since the Internet and give us Call Toll Free 1.800.426.3929.

What's required to build a precut sauna in my home?

Requirements to build a precut sauna in my home

All you need is a spare framed room (or large closet) with vertical studs and insulated walls with a non-permeable floor.

Most electrical sauna heaters work best on their own circuit. Smaller sauna rooms may use a normal 110v plug. But any sauna room over 4x5 should use a 240 volt 40 amp dedicated circuit, which will heat your sauna much faster. Ask your local union electrician for help wiring a dedicated circuit.

You also need insulation in the walls and a way to vent the sauna, generally back into the house. The reason you don't vent directly outside is air flow. You do not want cold air blowing into your sauna from above, only below near your heater. Also see our How to Build a Sauna | Converting a Room to a Sauna video series.

Noteworthy: The precut saunas finish the interior of the room. Precut saunas are permanent and cannot be relocated. IF you would like a portable sauna, see our prefab modular sauna kits. The precut sauna is designed for new construction or situations where you have a room already framed-in.

What's required to make my sauna or steamroom ADA-compliant?

Making the sauna and steamroom ADA-approved

Requirements to ensure those needing wheel chair access have the necessary room to maneuver are:

  • A 34” – 36" door width for ample access
  • A door threshold of no greater than 5/8” high
  • A 5’ diameter turn-around space inside the room

Let us know if we can answer further questions, see our Contact page.

Are prefab sauna kits portable? Can I relocate or move them?

Yes, our Prefab Modular Home Sauna Kits can be relocated

sauna kit with a pressure-treated wood base for easy relocationAll of our prefab home saunas kits are designed to be assembled quickly and relocated later, if desired.

This is easier if indoors, as the base is a minor issue. Usually, our staff can assemble one of our sauna kits in about a half day. We've created a series of assembly videos demonstrating how to build a sauna, so you can follow along. Sauna also come complete with instructions and labels on the parts.

The prefab outdoor home sauna kits do require a base, of course.

Your base is a personal choice and assembly time does not include creating your base. Generally, most set a layer of bricks or pavers, pour cement form and sometimes use just a simple frame of presure-treated wood, covered by 6mm plastic then ½" CDX plywood. You can cover your floor with tile, but many prefer the simpler cedar duckboard sauna flooring to actually walk on. Cleary, if you relocate your sauna, you must plan for a new base at your new location. Unless your sauna was set on a simple frame of presure-treated wood, then you can move that too!

See Sauna DIY Articles:

How to Build a Freestanding Sauna | Setting up the DIY Prefab Modular Sauna Kit

How to Build a Sauna | Converting a Room to a Sauna




Do you ship via barge line to Alaska and Hawaii?

We deliver products to the barge line terminals in Seattle for our Alaska and Hawaii customers

Indeed we are happy to provide this service. We will charge you a fee to package and deliver your products to the terminal in Seattle and the carrier will collect the charges for their portion of the shipping from their dock to your residence. You can save even more money if you pick up your freight at the carriers destination dock!

What's the differences between all the types of saunas and sauna kits?

We sell many types of saunas and kits

There are several important differences between these types of saunas, and needless to say, it can get confusing.

So we wrote a sauna kit guide to assist sauna customers.

  • PreFAB Sauna Kits - Sauna kits compose of pre-made wall units that slide together to form a sturdy sauna room
  • PreCUT Sauna Kits - Sauna kits ready to line the walls of a spare room
  • Modular Saunas - The kits are modular because they can be disassembled and moved to a new location
  • Sauna Cabinets - These are a small sauna, generally for 2-4 persons that comes usually as a plug'n'play unit [ WE DO NOT SELL THESE ]
  • Infrared Saunas and Tents - Infrared saunas use infrared lights or emitters that provide nearly instant heat directly to the sauna bather.

See Sauna Kit Guide: What Are the Differences Between Precut, Prefab, Modular & Infrared Sauna Kits?

How much space is required for a sauna room?

Saunas can be made in a closet or even smaller

We offer cedar sauna kits as small as 4'x4'

If you want see our videos on How to Convert a Room into a Sauna, there you'll see eight videos demonstrating start to finish, from studs to saun door installation. If you have questions, please use the greatest invention since the internet and give us a call.

And we also offer a 1 person canvas sauna tent heated by infrared lights. Infrared is a wonderful booster with infrared health benefits.

What are the basic categories of saunas?

There are really only three basic categories of saunas

Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas consist of a cedar, aspen or spruce room or space with an electric, gas or wood heater, or heated with hot rocks.

Traditional Outdoor SaunaClearly for convenience gas and electric sauna heaters shine. Most sauna heaters are electric these days. Gas does have one extra advantage similar to cooking with gas … when you turn it up, it quickly produces more heat. Too much heat? Turn it down and it produces less heat quickly. Electric sauna heaters need more time to warm up and cool down. If you like humidity, many electric sauna heaters come with a steamy feature designed into the unit now.

A wood-fired sauna is most traditional and instinctually satisfying. If you've never chopped your wood, stoked your sauna fire, smelled the smoke, felt the blast of steam and the good sweat of a wood-fired sauna, endeavor to try it. Ideally all of these sauna heat sources should be experienced, not merely purchased on the word of some showroom salesman.

Far infrared saunas and Infrared electric light saunas

Far infrared saunas use ceramic or metallic elements for heating that mainly emit in the far infrared range. Infrared electric light saunas use incandescent infrared heat lamps for heating. They emit red and orange light hear, middle and some far infrared. In our experience, the infrared electric light sauna is by far the best.

While traditional saunas require high temperatures for copious sweating, infrared penetrates the skin and heats from the inside as well as on the skin.

The infrared electric light sauna penetrates deepest, so the air temperature can stay coolest with the same effectiveness. Sweating begins faster and detoxification is increased. Preheating is less necessary, saving time and electricity. While some people like the intense heat of the traditional sauna, many find it difficult to tolerate, especially those who are ill.

Infrared is an antioxidant nutrient, activates the cells, supports metabolic processes and decouples toxins from water molecules. Far infrared saunas emit a limited infrared spectrum, often emit electromagnetic fields and are more costly than infrared electric light saunas. John Harvey Kellogg, MD, and early proponent of saunas and a careful researcher, believed the electric light sauna was best. This type also provides warming and stimulating color therapy. Red, orange and yellow assist the eliminative organs. Red helps clear the astral or emotional body. Everyone carries around emotional toxins that are as harmful as physical toxins.

Do you offer loyalty or reward points on purchases?

We refund 5% of every online purchase on your next purchase!

Cedarbrook Reward PointsCedarbrook Sauna and Steam gives you a discount on your next order using our Reward Points system.

Basically, it works like this ...

With each purchase you'll earn 5% in points that you can apply on your next order. Receive 1 reward point for every $1 spent at the Cedarbrook Sauna online store, EXCLUDING shipping and taxes.

Cash in your reward points at checkout, every 20 points in your account equals a discount of $1 on your next order. Basically, receive 5% of your current order total as rewards points to use against your next order - just our way of saying thanks! Your points NEVER expire.

Read more on the Cedarbrook Reward Points page.

Can you help me choose a sauna for my lifestyle, budget and location?

Choosing a sauna for my lifestyle, budget and location

Sure! First take a look at our Sauna Designs and Ideas page, Sauna Tours page, and the Sauna Photo Gallery pages.

These sauna pages will give you ideas and help clarify your questions.

To better quote you, we'll ask you a few basic questions about your sauna scenario:

  • Do you want your sauna in a separate building or are you converting an existing room?
  • Do you prefer a sauna kit, so you don't have to endure any construction? See our sauna kit guide.
  • Do you prefer a portable home sauna that you can easily relocate?
  • Do you like a completely dry sauna or steamy heat? Or if you like instant heat, we can add an infrared sauna light box.
  • Do you want to complement your sauna with any plumbing amenities such as outdoor shower or an indoor sink, or perhaps an anteroom for cooling off, or an adjacent steamroom?

Do you sell a DVD of sauna room construction videos?

Yes, we have sauna construction DVD documenting all the steps of an in-home sauna installation

See our Sauna Construction DVD Video which contains these website videos:

Also see our Steamroom Construction DVD. The article and video titled "How to Build a Steamroom | Start to Finish" are also viewable if you prefer to just return to our website as you need it.

Enjoy! The ones on the website are basically the same as the DVD. Let us know if we can answer other DIY: How to Build It FAQs.

Can you sell me just the sauna building supplies I need?

Our sauna packages include all supplies you'd need but you may purchase any component separately

If you prefer to cut your own cedar to line your walls. No problem. We will happily sell you just the cedar wood you need to complete your sauna. Additionally, consider other supplies that come standard in our packages, but again may also be purchased separately.

Other supplies we offer:

Supplies in Our DIY Sauna Kit Packages

Sauna Accessories ListOur precut home and commercial sauna kits and indoor/outdoor prefab modular sauna kits all come with a slew of accessories and a quality brand Polar sauna heater, but feel free to purchase any component separately.

See our full description of sauna accessories here.

Do you build saunas with a non-allergenic wood such as white aspen or alder wood?

Cedabrook Sauna only uses cedar for our saunas

We specialize in western red cedar and do not have other wood species options at this time. Often the subject of phenols and cedar as being unfavorable/allergenic in the sauna environment is more of a talking point than a real world issue. We have supplied cedar sauna rooms to people with high levels of chemical sensitivity with no real world complications.

Of course, it is possible that individuals can have issues with cedar … usually this is topical on the skin's surface and can be avoided by sitting on a towel. Also note that we sell an all natural water based sealer for saunas that forms a thin breathable layer of glass (silicon quartz based emulsion) over the wood which create a layer of protection between the bather and the wood. Not to mention, it keeps the wood looking pristine for years. I hope you find this helpful in your decision making process.

Do saunas require a floor drain?

No, a floor drain is not common in a sauna

Of course, if you are planning to take a cold quick rinse in your sauna, then yes, you will want one. Some of our customers have installed indoor sinks with a drain in the wall though. See the sauna gallery photos. A little splashing in the sauna is fine. If you're concerned about moisture remaining, then leave the sauna heater on an extra 20 minutes.

What is the average cost to operate a sauna?

Sauna electrical usage and average cost

Nice thing about a sauna, it only costs when you use it. We hope that's as often as you can.

We estimate a 6 kW sauna heater will, if used 3 times/week, cost about 60¢ per session for electricity or, your monthly cost is $6.00 per month.

How much time is required to build and ship my home sauna kit? How much deposit?

Sauna build time and deposit

Generally depending on the season, we can build and ship your sauna to you within 2-3 weeks.
Cedarbrook requires a 50% deposit to begin your order.
Final payment due at shipment.

If you would like to customize your sauna layout – no problem. We'll provide the sauna or steamroom layout drawings with a delivered quotation free of charge. Design and layout consultations are included in the price. After placing a sauna kit order, our staff will discuss your layout and other needs. All saunas are custom saunas at Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam! Contact us for a free sauna or steamroom quote.

How much do home sauna kits cost?

Sauna kits cost: Prefab vs Prefab

Saunas need not cost alot and there are many ways to save. Generally, you can estimage $80 - $130 per square foot for our sauna packages that include the heater and basic accessories, and also depend on these factors below. Also see article Home Sauna Kits | What Are the Differences Between Precut, Prefab, Modular & Infrared?

Sauna costs depend alot on

  • Sauna size — We sell sauna kits for homes, spas and government agencies from roughly 4x4 to 8x12, but of course we can build any size larger as needed. One important note is our prefab sauna kits list the usable space. So a 5x8 sauna is truly 5x8 inside. We do not include the walls in the perimeter measurement. Your outdoor sauna base should be 8" wider and longer than 5x8!

  • Sauna heater — You have several choices to power your sauna, most are electric, but some like gas or wood-fired and infrared for other reasons like location, size, and costs to run. The bigger the sauna the more powerful the sauna heater required to heat it, of course. Some commercial saunas require two heaters.

  • Special amentities — Sauna plumbing (not required), a nicer sauna door, windows with etched glass, or extra windows and sauna height and flooring choices are wonderful and do add up.

  • Finish touches — Other finishing touches can add extra expense. E.g., there are also some really nice lights available now, bench facing and infrared emitters or lights make your sauna more comfortable

  • Accessories — Our sauna heater and accessories package bundle these costs.


Categories of sauna kits

  • Typically a Precut Sauna Kit is used when converting a spare room or large closet into a sauna.

  • A Prefab Sauna Kit is used when you want assemble it and use indoors or outdoors without much construction.

  • An Infrared Sauna is enjoyed by those who want a small sauna or want the extra health benefits. We also offer a 1-person sauna tent.
  • Cabinet Saunas are small, very portable, typically plug into a standard plug outlet, so they are not very powerful, but certainly have their convenience.

My sauna is custom. Does that cost extra?

Every sauna is custom at Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

Every sauna is a custom sauna at Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam.

We do NOT charge for helping you layout and design your sauna. It does not matter that your room is an odd size or angle.

We DO charge IF the sauna height is greater than 7'-0", but otherwise we enjoy making a sauna that works for you and your lifestyle. 


Do I need to provide my own sauna design or layout?

Sauna design, consultations and tips are included in our sauna quote

First off, at Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam all our saunas are customized for your needs regardless of the shape of your sauna room and DO NOT COST EXTRA.

We're happy to start with your sauna design or ours — either way we make sure you are satisfied. Many options are available to meet your level of comfort. We've been building saunas for over 40 years. Speak with one of our sauna specialists, so we can best fit the sauna to your comfort!

Saunas are small rooms generally, so there are only so many ways to arrange the room to accommodate the door, heater, benches and vents. Often the door placement is the first item we resolve. Indoor saunas usually have a preferred sauna door placement. This will often dictate where to best place the heater.

Incoming and outgoing air vents are important well. The exit vent should generally return to an open space in your house, as forcing air to exit outdoors can sometimes reverse your sauna airflow. Then, you'll have cold air coming in the top of sauna – not optimal sauna airflow.

We certainly assist where needed if you have odd wall lengths to accommodate, or are adding sauna amenities, such as plumbing, infrared lights or emitters, ambiant lighting, extra benching, shelving, and other accessories. We'd like to help.

What is the basic difference between a sauna room and a steam room?

The basic difference between a sauna room and a steam room

Traditionally, saunas are used to provide dry heat, with the addition of some steam from pouring water over hot rocks, in a wooden room. This results in a temperature of 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 20 to 35% — higher if you pour water over your hot rocks.

Steam rooms are tile, glass, or acrylic plastic rooms where the humidity is 100% (fog in the room) and temperature is 110-114° F. A drain is required as well as a gasketed, air-tight door system. Steam generators are installed outside the steam room.

Saunas are wooden rooms with wooden benches and are heated to 160-190° F with low humidity at 20-35%. You add water to the rocks to produce steam. No drain is required (except commercial installations that require more cleaning). Sauna heaters are located within the sauna room itself.

Steam rooms are quite different. They are not as hot, with temperatures of 110 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity at or near 100%, with water dripping down the walls. Because of the high humidity, they have to be constructed of tile, marble or acrylic, and all the fixtures must be made of stainless steel, brass, plastic or other rustproof material. The ceiling and benches should be sloped, so the water will run off, and there must be a drain in the room, which must not leak steam or water into the outside area. The steam generator is located outside the steam room, nearby, and requires plumbing from the water supply (preferably hot water) and from the generator to the steam room, as well as electrical wiring to the generator.

Tylo and Polar both makes a special residential sauna heater called the "Combi or Steamy" which combines some of the features of both the sauna and steam room. Since it is used in a wooden room, the humidity is still not as high as a steam room, but it does provide more steam than one can get by pouring water over rocks. It requires a 240V elelctrical circuit with 30-40 amps. These reserviors for water that are filled manually or automatically.

What heater and accessories are part of your sauna packages?

Sauna Accessories List in Our DIY Sauna Kit Packages

Sauna Accessories ListOur precut home and commercial sauna kits and indoor/outdoor prefab modular sauna kits all come with a slew of accessories and a quality brand Polar sauna heater.

Any listing preceeded by OPTIONAL means these are not part of our standard packages. 

See our full description of sauna accessories here.

How can I reduce the cost of sauna materials?

Savings on our precut packages

Here are the best ways to save and still have a great home sauna.

Build Your
Own Benches

Bench Tops At
9/16" Cedar

Two-piece Wall

Use Only
Two Benches

Build your own sauna benches Use residential grade sauna wood and save 3-2piece_wall_sauna_construction 4-standard_sauna_benches_only

We provide the wood
and directions

Use residential 9/16" sauna
bench tops instead of
commercial 1½" thick cedar

The savings are huge by
using two 3' pieces vs.
one 6' piece

Use only 2 benches in our sauna packages (4'x6' and larger).