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Sauna kits cost: Prefab vs Prefab

Saunas need not cost alot and there are many ways to save. Generally, you can estimage $80 - $130 per square foot for our sauna packages that include the heater and basic accessories, and also depend on these factors below. Also see article Home Sauna Kits | What Are the Differences Between Precut, Prefab, Modular & Infrared?

Sauna costs depend alot on

  • Sauna size — We sell sauna kits for homes, spas and government agencies from roughly 4x4 to 8x12, but of course we can build any size larger as needed. One important note is our prefab sauna kits list the usable space. So a 5x8 sauna is truly 5x8 inside. We do not include the walls in the perimeter measurement. Your outdoor sauna base should be 8" wider and longer than 5x8!

  • Sauna heater — You have several choices to power your sauna, most are electric, but some like gas or wood-fired and infrared for other reasons like location, size, and costs to run. The bigger the sauna the more powerful the sauna heater required to heat it, of course. Some commercial saunas require two heaters.

  • Special amentities — Sauna plumbing (not required), a nicer sauna door, windows with etched glass, or extra windows and sauna height and flooring choices are wonderful and do add up.

  • Finish touches — Other finishing touches can add extra expense. E.g., there are also some really nice lights available now, bench facing and infrared emitters or lights make your sauna more comfortable

  • Accessories — Our sauna heater and accessories package bundle these costs.


Categories of sauna kits

  • Typically a Precut Sauna Kit is used when converting a spare room or large closet into a sauna.

  • A Prefab Sauna Kit is used when you want assemble it and use indoors or outdoors without much construction.

  • An Infrared Sauna is enjoyed by those who want a small sauna or want the extra health benefits. We also offer a 1-person sauna tent.
  • Cabinet Saunas are small, very portable, typically plug into a standard plug outlet, so they are not very powerful, but certainly have their convenience.