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We sell many types of saunas and kits

There are several important differences between these types of saunas, and needless to say, it can get confusing.

So we wrote a sauna kit guide to assist sauna customers.

  • PreFAB Sauna Kits - Sauna kits compose of pre-made wall units that slide together to form a sturdy sauna room
  • PreCUT Sauna Kits - Sauna kits ready to line the walls of a spare room
  • Modular Saunas - The kits are modular because they can be disassembled and moved to a new location
  • Sauna Cabinets - These are a small sauna, generally for 2-4 persons that comes usually as a plug'n'play unit [ WE DO NOT SELL THESE ]
  • Infrared Saunas and Tents - Infrared saunas use infrared lights or emitters that provide nearly instant heat directly to the sauna bather.

See Sauna Kit Guide: What Are the Differences Between Precut, Prefab, Modular & Infrared Sauna Kits?