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Sauna design, consultations and tips are included in our sauna quote

First off, at Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam all our saunas are customized for your needs regardless of the shape of your sauna room and DO NOT COST EXTRA.

We're happy to start with your sauna design or ours — either way we make sure you are satisfied. Many options are available to meet your level of comfort. We've been building saunas for over 40 years. Speak with one of our sauna specialists, so we can best fit the sauna to your comfort!

Saunas are small rooms generally, so there are only so many ways to arrange the room to accommodate the door, heater, benches and vents. Often the door placement is the first item we resolve. Indoor saunas usually have a preferred sauna door placement. This will often dictate where to best place the heater.

Incoming and outgoing air vents are important well. The exit vent should generally return to an open space in your house, as forcing air to exit outdoors can sometimes reverse your sauna airflow. Then, you'll have cold air coming in the top of sauna – not optimal sauna airflow.

We certainly assist where needed if you have odd wall lengths to accommodate, or are adding sauna amenities, such as plumbing, infrared lights or emitters, ambiant lighting, extra benching, shelving, and other accessories. We'd like to help.