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Yes, our Prefab Modular Home Sauna Kits can be relocated

sauna kit with a pressure-treated wood base for easy relocationAll of our prefab home saunas kits are designed to be assembled quickly and relocated later, if desired.

This is easier if indoors, as the base is a minor issue. Usually, our staff can assemble one of our sauna kits in about a half day. We've created a series of assembly videos demonstrating how to build a sauna, so you can follow along. Sauna also come complete with instructions and labels on the parts.

The prefab outdoor home sauna kits do require a base, of course.

Your base is a personal choice and assembly time does not include creating your base. Generally, most set a layer of bricks or pavers, pour cement form and sometimes use just a simple frame of presure-treated wood, covered by 6mm plastic then ½" CDX plywood. You can cover your floor with tile, but many prefer the simpler cedar duckboard sauna flooring to actually walk on. Cleary, if you relocate your sauna, you must plan for a new base at your new location. Unless your sauna was set on a simple frame of presure-treated wood, then you can move that too!

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