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Requirements to build a precut sauna in my home

All you need is a spare framed room (or large closet) with vertical studs and insulated walls with a non-permeable floor.

Most electrical sauna heaters work best on their own circuit. Smaller sauna rooms may use a normal 110v plug. But any sauna room over 4x5 should use a 240 volt 40 amp dedicated circuit, which will heat your sauna much faster. Ask your local union electrician for help wiring a dedicated circuit.

You also need insulation in the walls and a way to vent the sauna, generally back into the house. The reason you don't vent directly outside is air flow. You do not want cold air blowing into your sauna from above, only below near your heater. Also see our How to Build a Sauna | Converting a Room to a Sauna video series.

Noteworthy: The precut saunas finish the interior of the room. Precut saunas are permanent and cannot be relocated. IF you would like a portable sauna, see our prefab modular sauna kits. The precut sauna is designed for new construction or situations where you have a room already framed-in.