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We sell many popular brands of sauna heaters

Sure here are the basic feature differences:

Polar Sauna Heater Features:

  • The Polar HMR sauna heater models with the built in controls, come standard with a thermostat and a timer with a 1- 9 hour preset feature. The heater will count down from 1-9 hours and then turn on and operate for 60 minutes and then shut off. The sauna can be hot in the morning, after a workout or when you come home from work!
  • Controls come from the factory located on the front but can be moved to either side for easier access when the bench is close to the heater.
  • The rock capacity is 50 lbs and they stack across the top an down into the heater with direct contact with the red hot elements * Water can be ladled over the rocks.

Tylo Sauna Heater Features:

  1. Evaporation tray on back of heater that allows the addition of moisture as the room is heating.
  2. Side air vents for faster heating.
  3. Center stacked rock arrangement for maximum steam output when adding water to rocks. 35 Lb rock capacity. * Water can be ladled over the rocks
  4. "Thermo safe" exterior where no safety guardrail is required by United Laboratories.
  5. Three stage thermostat with divided output for greater energy efficiency. Standard mechanical 60 minute timer.
  6. The Tylo Supersport sauna heater has the convenient top right location of the control. The Tylo Sport U controls are at the bottom.
  7. External controls of multiple style are available and with the CC style controls you can even turn the heater on and off with your smart phone.

Finnlandia Sauna Heater Features:

  1. Sauna Heater is standard wall-mount
  2. Built in Controls (60 Min. Timer (with 1-8 hour pre set, Thermostat)
  3. Programmable Time Clock can be preset up to 8 Hours
  4. Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  5. Welded unibody powder  coated glossy Enamel Exterior with compressed metal design for the greatest strength
  6. Control location can moved from the front  to either side.
  7. Includes 50 lbs. of Vulcanite sauna rocks
  8. Controls can also be located on either side of the sauna heater
  9. Not for commercial application because of the 1-8 delay timer

Harvia Sauna Heater Features

  1. Stainless steel is used extensively
  2. Exceptionally efficient air-circulation system which warms up the heater and the sauna quickly while producing an even temperature.
  3. Harvia Cilindro Sauna Heater is a cylindrical model exposing rocks along the height of the heater