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Dry sauna and a steamy sauna

Polar Steamy Wet/Dry Sauna Heater Tylo Combi U-8kW with steam reservior If you like humidity in your sauna for the "soft" heat, you'll love the "Tylo Combi-U or Polar SaunaTime.

You need no plumbing outlet as you fill the Combi-U with a pitcher. The Combi-U operates at 145° F at 65% humidity. The Combi-U has a computerized automatic "dry out cycle" to eliminate moisture problems to the sauna wood.

The wet/dry sauna heater combine the best features of the sauna and steam room. Since it is used in a wooden room, the humidity is still not as high as a steam room, but it does provide more steam than one can get by pouring water over rocks. It requires a 240V elelctrical circuit with 30-40 amps. There are reservoirs for water that are filled manually or automatically (requires plumbing).