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Getting by with a less powerful electric sauna heater

Basically, our rule is 125 cubic feet to determine if you need 30 or 40 amps to power your sauna.

  • If your sauna is less than 125 cu. ft. you can use a sauna heater powered by a 30 amp circuit.
    For example, a Polar HMR 60 electric sauna heater can easily power 4'x6'x6'4" sauna can use a 30 amp circuit.
  • Greater than 125 cubic feet (cu. ft) use a 40 amp circuit. If you tried to "get by" with less ... well for one, your heater will need to work harder, shortening it's life and it won't warm the sauna as fast you'd like.

If you can't afford to spare amps toward your sauna, then consider a gas or wood-fired sauna heater ... or the smaller sauna.