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Sauna heaters types and heat sources

There are electrical saunas, combination wet/dry sauna heaters, natural gas or propane sauna heaters, woodburning sauna heaters, infrared sauna light, infrared emitters.

This article on sauna heater types addresses each one more specifically.

  • GAS Natural or Propane Gas sauna heaters are larger and are more expensive than wood or electric heaters. You must have a 7'x8' room or larger and must install the heater on an outside wall.

  • WOOD FIRED Most wood heaters are installed in an outdoor installation. You must install wood sauna heaters much like a fireplace or wood stove. Options for wood heaters include water jackets and shower plumb in options that heat water.

  • ELECTRIC HEATER The majority of heaters are electric (95%) and require only 20, 30 or 40 AMP dedicated circuits for residential applications. We estimate the cost per usage for an electric sauna at $5-$10/mo.

  • INFRARED Infrared sauna therapy lights provide the full spectrum of light frequencies: near, middle and far infrared wave lengths. The entire infrared spectrum is compatible with cellular processes. Most importantly these lights produce no electromagnetic field!