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Adding water over your sauna rocks produces a wonderful steam and humidifies your sauna session

Pouring water of sauna rocks with a ladle

Nearly all sauna heaters (wood-fired, gas and electric) are meant to enjoy a traditional Finnish steamy sauna experience.

Generally a couple of splashes of water is enough to create enough steam. Don't pour the water, drizzle it over the rocks. You'll get a better steam and it won't overwhelm the room and your sauna heater.

Most sauna heaters can handle a couple of ladles of water onto the sauna rocks easily, but do it lightly to get the most steam. 

  • Remember do NOT dump water on the rocks. They are not made to be dowsed with water. 
  • Drizzle water on with a ladle, never your hand! Steam is very hot.
  • Consider also adding several drops of eucalyptus oil to the water to help open the lungs and your pores. Do NOT put eucalyptus oil directly onto the rocks or any other essential oil — they are volatile oils and do ignite when hot.

Keep healthy in your steamy sauna