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The steps to installing the self-closing hinge for the sauna door

This hinge allows your sauna door to self shut, thus keeping more heat in the sauna.

Self-closing hinge for sauna door diagram

Here are the easy to follow instructions:

  1. Basically as you rotate the nut clockwise atop the hinge you will see a hole appear; we'll call it the "tension hole".
  2. Count the number of holes that pass.
  3. On the third one, insert the tension pin into the hole and test if the door will close on its own.
  4. If not, then let the pin stay in the hole to hold the tension. Make sure to leave enough of the pin hanging out to grab it easily.
  5. Now, use the wrench again. Rotate the nut slightly so you can remove the pin.
  6. Continue rotating until the fourth hole appears.
  7. Reinsert the tension pin. Test the door again.
  8. If it closes to your satisfaction, then you can push the pin in a bit further, else return to step 4 to continue adding more tension.


These are the OFFICIAL instructions:

  1. Do NOT exceed three (3) holes tension for 180° door opening, or four (4) holes tension for 90° opening.
  2. Always rotate the hex wrench in the clockwise direction regardless of right or left hand door application
    1. Hinge installation: Install hinge in normal manner with the adjustment end of hinge up, as shown above.
    2. Adjusting spring torque:
      1. Adjust torque only after the hinge is installed, and with the sauna door closed.
      2. Rotate adjustment capstan clockwise using the hex wrench to adjust proper spring tension, then insert tension pin into the tension hole, as shown above
      3. Remove hex wrench and try door for closing. To achieve proper closing force, change adjustment from one hole to the next in either direction with the hex wrench as tension pin is removed and reset