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At Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam, we build all our cedar saunas to your specifications

Cedar is the best on wood to absorb heat, but does not stay hot to the touch. Most start a wood sauna per se:

  1. Finish the inside of a room with a precut sauna kit. In this scenario, you attaching tongue and groove (T'n'G) cedar boards to the studs. We precut the boards to fit, so installation goes quickly. In this scenario, you are converting an existing closet or room in your house or spa, or perhaps build or convert a shed into a sauna. See our step-by-step article with "Converting a room into a Sauna" videos.

  2. You have open space and want a sauna room that assembles fairly quickly with very little construction mess. For this scenario, we designed our prefab modular home sauna kits. Prefab Home Sauna Kits assemble easily with pre-built insulated walls and ceiling panels that screw together and sit on a base of your choice (e.g., garage floor, brick patio, concrete pad, pressure-treated lumber), yet are still portable.

What's the basic different between these kits?

Prefab modular architect's renderingThe prefab sauna kit (at left) is a panelized sauna that comes in prebuilt, modular panels that interlock into freestanding sturdy sauna room. Ceiling panels are set atop to enclose the room. The prefab can also be relocated. Prefab saunas are installed inside or outdoors with the addition of the optional roof.

precut sauna kit thumbnail

The precut sauna kit (at right) is designed for new construction or situations where you have a small room already framed in. You frame and insulate your walls, ceiling, and door opening. Then add the door, cover the walls with tongue and groove, build sauna benches, finally trim it out. Precut saunas are permanent and cannot be relocated.

Supporting Sauna Articles

See: How to Build a Sauna | Setting up the DIY Prefab Modular Sauna Kit  – shows you how quickly a sauna can go up.

See: How to Build a Sauna | Converting a Room to a Sauna – Article and videos demonstrate how to build a sauna in an extra room or even a closet.