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Electrical conduit for the sauna heater (or lights) in the panel walls

See photos of Sauna Built-in Electrical Conduit here

The conduit for a sauna heater, light J boxes and switch boxes typically runs up through the ceiling panel and out the top. Your electrician will then couple onto this conduit with another conduit and wires that are run in the field (outside the sauna). Customizations can be done if needed. Call with any questions.

We offer built-in conduits for the sauna heater control panel, lights and switches as well. This option will always save you money when hiring an electrician as it saves professional time and provides guidance. Furthermore you will end up with a more pleasing aesthetic.

In most cases, your electrician will bring the conduit and wire directly up the back wall and then across the top and over to the built in conduit. Good electricians will strap down any outside conduit, so it lays flat and is hidden from sight.