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Do you use eco-insulation in your pre-built modular saunas?

We like and use Greenguard's speciality eco-insulation product until something better comes along

Our saunas are insullated with fiberglass batts (formalahyde free) of course. Also on the interior behind the all a natural cedar tongue and groove interior is the the reflective sauna foil vapor barrier and behing the exterior cedar bevel siding is tar paper for an additional exterior weather barrier. Our walls have an R factor of 20. We have been selling sauna rooms to the coldest regions of North America with great success.

It's NON-corrosive, NON-combustible, NON-flammable and pest-resistant, AND also formaldehyde-free. So there is NO off-gasing chemical smell. The eco-insulation is NON-colored, i.e. not pink, it's brown (the way insulation grows in the wild ;-).