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Infrared Sauna Basics

Using infrared red lights as a source of infrared heat to promote sweating, has been gaining popularity for the last decade.

There are number of doctors that specialize in detox and environmental medicine that have been using this heat therapy approach, producing some incredible results. Addressing Chronic infections, eliminating toxins in cancer patients and cancer survivors, promoting proper bowel function, improving overall circulation and decongesting internal organs are only a few of the important benefits.

The infrared red lights differ from traditional infrared emitter style heat therapy rooms in some important ways

We believe the most important difference is that the lights bulbs do not produce any electromagnetic field in the way that infrared emitters do. Electromagnetic fields can interfere with your bodies natural low voltage system interrupting vital pathways in the body. Also, the red lights lights produce infrared heat at wider spectrum of frequencies. Not just the FAR infrared frequency. They emit near, middle and some far infrared energy. The wider spectrum of frequencies increases the beneficial effects on the body.

In addition, the orange, yellow and red light spectrums from the infrared lights have additional healing properties and enhance the germ killing and tissue repairing effects of heat therapy. These light colors support the activity of the liver, kidneys, intestines, pancreas, help balance the adrenal system, which in turn help activate the your overall immune system. For more information on light therapy refer to the Darius Dinshaw text, Let There Be Light.

Through the years, Cedarbrook Sauna and Steam has had great customer feedback using the infrared lights for sweat therapy.

We are most grateful to Dr Larry Wilson for introducing us to this method of sweat therapy. His book "Sauna Therapy, For Detoxification And Healing" is a fantastic resource. Go to this link to purchase the Sauna Therapy book through our website or go directly to Dr Larry Wilson website for the book and more information. Also a special thanks to Dr Kim Schutte in California for her expertise and referrals. Many other doctors have begun to promote sauna bathing and infrared heat therapy as a means to good health: Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr Andrew Weil, Dr L Ron Hubbard, the list continues to expand.

It is important to know that infrared heat from the red lights or traditional infrared emitters is very concentrated. The frequencies of the wave length penetrates deep into the body. For this reason as a rule of thumb, people should not expose themselves to infrared heat for periods greater the 20-25 minutes.

Cedarbrook believes that one can take the therapeutic benefit of sauna bathing even one step further by combining the infrared red light heat therapy method with traditional sauna bathing using hot rocks

The hot rocks are made up of all natural minerals and elements. These hot rocks provide a symphony of all natural frequencies of heat, that the body easily recognizes and relates to. While the hot rocks do not produce as much of the longer wave length of infrared heat as the infrared bulbs, they do allow the bather to stay in the sauna for longer period of time. This allows you to sweat out the toxins even more. Also the traditional heaters heat the entire room providing greater flexibility for multiple bathers. Many people enjoy higher temperatures and the ability to generate blasts of steam from the hot rock as well. Mixing essential oils (most commonly eucalyptus oil) into the water you ladle onto the rocks, can provide additional respiratory benefits. Many will begin the sauna session in front of the infrared red lights and conclude with a period of relaxing in the hat from from the traditional hot rock sauna heater. What could be better?

The other two simple ways of taking the overall therapeutic concept of combining other modalities with the sauna are to add soothing music and the benefits of negatively ionized air using salt crystals inside the sauna.

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