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Near Infrared Saunas Kits +  Near Infrared Lights Boxes

Near Infrared sauna therapy light provides Full spectrum deep penetrating heat in primarily the near infrared wavelength but does provide some additional middle and far infrared wavelenghts.

Near Infrared bulbs emit color spectrums similar to sunlight and firelight. These orange red and yellow light spectrums are recognized by the body, naturally balancing the adrenal system and providing beneficial metabolic cellular benifits.

Infrared heat wavelenghts are healthy and penetrate deep into your bodies tissue, where they dissolve harmful toxins and substances that accumulated in your body.

Infrared light therapy rooms achieve their desired level of heat 115° in about 15-30 minutes and continually deliveres heat as long as the lights are on. Can be used for extended periods and consumes very little electricty (7-10 Amp draw at 110v).

There are other company's that sell similar products but at a much higher price. Cedarbrook has been involved in this concept for over 15 years and we have designed our product line for full functionality, while maximizing value. Often those who have the greatest need, have exhausted their financial wherewithall. We want to provide the amazing benefits of near infrared heat therapy at the lowest possible price. Our products are solid and all natural.

SAUNA THERAPY FACTS : Near Infrared light has been shown to

  • Sauna Therapy FactsRemove Toxins – Detoxification, removes heavy metals and harmful toxins stored in the body.
  • Reduce Stress – Promotes better sleep, relaxes, melts away tension.
  • Improve Skin – Helps clear cellulite, tones and hydrates cells and pores.
  • Burn Calories and Control Weight – Burn as much as 600 calories or more in 30 minute session through profuse sweating.
  • Give Pain Relief – Arthritis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, sprains.
  • Strengthens Cardiovascular System – Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, helps stabilizes blood pressure.

FOR MORE INFO: See Dr. Larry Wilson Article and Book on Sauna Therapy.

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If you choose to take your sauna to the next level, we suggest you pair the infrared light box with a tradional sauna heater with hot rocks. The traditional sauna heaters with hot rocks do require 220v power, so plan accordingly. Hot rocks provide an all natural symphony of heat wave lengths that the bodiy readily recognize.
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  • Infrared Vertical Sauna Light Box
  • Infrared Vertical Sauna Light Box

  • Price: $520.00

  • RRP: $530.00
      Save 2%
  • Infrared Diamond Sauna Light Box
  • Infrared Diamond Sauna Light Box

  • Price: $650.00

  • RRP: $740.00
      Save 12%
  • Infrared Light Sauna Therapy Tent
  • Infrared Light Sauna Therapy Tent

  • Price: $1,330.00

  • RRP: $1,510.00
      Save 12%
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