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Install Metal Paneling on Sloped Sauna Roof

Steps to Installing Trusses, Posts and Beam on a Sloped Roof

Video: Outdoor Sauna Kit > Trusses, Posts and Beam


For example, our 5'x7' prefab sauna measures 5'x7' INSIDE. The OUTSIDE (exterior measurement) is 8 inches larger: 5'8' x 7'8"

Thus, our 5'x7' sauna, is 8 square feet larger than our competitors — more room to relax and stretch your legs out!


Video:  Install Metal Paneling on a Sloped Roof

What To Expect During Sauna Delivery

Larger sauna packages (>7ft) may be declared too large for the lift gate by the truck driver to unload and require two able people to offload the materials from the back of the truck upon delivery. Please carefully read our shipping terms.

Watch Our Other DIY Videos:

Useful Tools > Installing Trusses, Post and Beam

  • Chop Saw
  • RotoHammer Drill
  • Hand Drill + Bits
  • Framing Nailer and Hand Hammer
  • 2" Finish Nailer
  • Carpenter's usual complement: Level, Pencil, Square, Tape Measure

Useful Tools > Installing the Metal Panels

  • Electric Shears, Tin Snips or Angle Grinder
  • Hand Drill + Bits

Our modular sauna packages sit on a suitable base.


Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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