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Outdoor Sauna Kits | DIY Prefab

Our outdoor prefab sauna kits assemble with just a screw gun! 

What is an Outdoor Prefab Sauna Kit?

  • Our outdoor sauna kits come as pre-built insulated walls and ceiling panels that screw together on a base of your choice with a cedar or metal roof – see metal roofing video
  • Plus trim pieces and a long list of accessories. See diagram at right.
  • Prefab saunas may be disassembled and moved to another location.

What's Required to Set-up a Prefab Sauna Kit?

  • You and a screw gun ... and a buddy is helpful.
  • A non-permeable base — Common choices are a cement slab, brick pavers, tile or even plywood over pressure-treated 2x6s.
  • An electrician will set up your heater and control panel connections — to make their job easy, we offer built-in electrical conduits. Note, most traditional electric sauna heaters require 220/240 volt power with an additional 110v line for the lights and outlets.

Note: 5'x7' sauna packages and larger with roof packages require two able-bodied people are on-site during delivery.


Saunas below show our customers unique styles, tastes and scenarios. Enjoy!

Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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