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Polar HMR and HNVR Hi Limit Switch
Polar HMR and HNVR Hi Limit Switch Sensor location HNVR 80 wiring

Polar HMR and HNVR Hi Limit Switch

Polar Sauna heater Hi Limit/Reset Button

NOTE: Often these will trip because the rocks are packed too tightly in the heater, holding the heat inside the heater instead of letting the heat flow up and out. "Fluff" up the rock to allow more air flow through the heater. Also over time after many cycles of heating and cooling the rocks can settle in and then become too tightly packed as well.

Other parts are available as well. To supply to correct parts for your sauna we need to know the make and model. The common parts are: timers, thermostats, hi limit/resets, contactors and electrical terminal strips. Some of the older sauna heater parts are no longer available.

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Tips for Hi lImit/Reset button issues

There is a high limit/reset button on the bottom. Often when the rocks are packed to tightly, this will hold the heat inside the unit and not let the heat flow out a away from the unit. This causes the whole heater body to heat up too hot and send a premature hot message to the high limit causing it to trip. Restack the rocks in a way that allows heat to flow up and out and this should stop this problem. Also place some flat rock between the back element up high to reflect some heat away from the sensor for the hi limit which is located at on the back of the heater on the top in the middle inside the piece of rolled sheet metal. That silver tube that leads to the sensor is a fluid filled tube not a wire. You will need a pen or pencil to put inside the hole to reset the hi limit as your finger is too large. There sould be an audible click when it resets. If when you press this hi limit/reset button it is springy (about an 1/8” of springiness) that means it has not tripped and you may have another problem.

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