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Home Sauna Kits | DIY Prefab: Assemble Indoors or Outdoors

Sauna kits include prefab sauna wall panels, ceiling, sauna heater, door with window, accessories and sauna benches

What is a Prefab Home Sauna Kit?

Prefab Home Sauna Kits assemble easily with pre-built insulated walls and ceiling panels that screw together and sit on a base of your choice, yet are still portable. Prefab home sauna kits can be disassembled and moved to another location. Thus, they're often called Prefab Modular Sauna Kits — making building our saunas simple, quick and easy. These home sauna kits require no framing or general construction work. A non-permeable floor is all that is required. Typical choices are a plywood base covered with non-permable flooring, cement slab, brick, pavers, or tiles. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Note: If you have limited access to the desired sauna location, such as low clearances under stair ways, tight corners or low ceilings, we may need to customize your panels in two piece section or different configurations.

 Link to details on built in electrical conduit /sauna-electrical-conduit.html

  • Modular Sauna Tray or Base
  • Modular Sauna Tray or Base

  • Price: $345.00

  • RRP: $610.00
      Save 43%
  • Built-In Electrical Conduit
  • Built-In Electrical Conduit

  • Price: $240.00

  • RRP: $320.00
      Save 25%
Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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