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 3'x4' Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit
Chickens not included Stacked garden beds Build layers from the bottom up Close up of corner Hammer secures the rod in the corner Variety of garden bed kit sizes available Line drawing of assembly

3'x4' Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit

Our raised garden beds are secured by an aluminum rod thru the corners — assembles in minutes!

Change your garden in a day!

These garden beds will last for many years. How?

  • Board ends are notched and interlock for superior strength
  • Joints are pre-drilled for a 3/8" solid aluminum rod — holds corners tight
  • Cedar naturally resists insects and biodegradation
  • Our cedar is partially air-dried and seasoned for soil applications

The kits assemble in minutes, yet the durable all natural western red cedar can last for decades. Standard height is 11" (if ordering one unit / see options), and may be stacked to 33". See the photos and detailed description for proper assembly when stacking multiple rows.

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Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

Cedarbrook has a full line of cedar raised bed garden kits

Simple Assembly – All you need is a hammer!

Raised Garden Bed Corner System

Assembling the raised cedar bed requires only a hammer to secure the rod thru the corners.

The ends of the boards are notched so they interlock together for superior strength. They are also pre-drilled through the tops to receive a 3/8" solid aluminum rod which holds all the corners and joints together. The kits are designed to assemble in minutes, yet the durable all natural western red cedar can last for decades. Most standard size bed kits can be sent via UPS or Fed Ex ground service. This helps keep the shipping cost low. If you have a large or custom project please call 800 426 3929 for a delivered price quotation. No project is too small or too large.

Benefits of the Cedarbrook's Raised Bed Garden Boxes System:

1) All Natural Western Red Cedar is the Most Rot Resistant of All Woods

The cedar association reports that is lasts longer than, Inland Cedar, Eastern Cedar, Port Orford Cedar (commonly used for making pencils) and Yellow Cedar. Western Red Cedar is widely used for exterior applications like, shakes and shingles, fencing, decking and siding. Northwest Coast Aboriginal peoples choose Western Red Cedar as the wood of choice to carve intricate totem poles and dugout canoes. Indeed they want these labor intensive objects to last.

2) Western Red Cedar Rates the Highest on the Stability Chart

Cedarbrook's partially air dried Cedar has been seasoned to the optimum moisture level to accept wet moist garden soil. When wood is too dry (kiln dried) and wet soil is added , too much moisture transfers into the wood and can result in splitting, checking, cracking and warping.

3) More Affordable

Western Red Cedar from Cedarbrook is less expensive than other sources. This is a result of our cedar mills volume. As we sell and manufacture a host cedar products like sauna packages, decking, fencing, planters and cedar benches, the raised bed program is a recovery product. We consider this to be green product as well because we use the fall down and it is a long lasting and durable good that produces food very close to the source.

4) More Advantages of Raised Garden Beds

  • Because the walls of the raised beds stand above ground level, they are warmed by the sun. This heats the soil in the beds. This heat promotes growth for most vegetables.
  • Garden pests such as snails and slugs can be controlled by skirting your beds with crushed oyster shells or copper wire. This eliminates the need for nasty baits.
  • In areas of poor soil the raised beds can be filled all the best soil available. They provide great drainage and you do not to bend over as far to weed!

How should I stack my garden bed rows?

The key is to build one row at a time from the bottom up! We make everything ready to fit together snugly, so please read these general instructions and view the photos in the slideshow above:

  1. Lay your wood pieces on a flat area
  2. Do a dry run of your first row taking note of the labeled sides. Labels should be hidden on the inside of the garden bed.
  3. Tap your rods into the holes leaving the rod exposed above your first row. Do not pound them into the soil yet.
  4. 8' beds will have an additional aluminium cross piece to secure the middle and prevent bulging.
  5. Next slide the holes of the second row onto the rods and then carefully tap each end until touching the lower row.
  6. Continue choosing the interlocking pieces and sliding them down until you've completed all your rows
  7. Once all pieces are in place, secure it by hammering the rods further into their holes. Leave an inch exposed for your final round of hammering. Recheck all corners and joints as vibration may disturb the rods in their holes.

Thanks for looking at our garden beds!

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Julie C. - York, PA
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the raised garden beds I ordered from you they look great and the vegetables I have growing in the have done great. Next year I plan on replacing 3 black plastic ones with you cedar ones and would like to get another custom one for my front flower bed have to measure. Other people tell me there gardens aren't doing good but mine is easy to water. Thank you so much for the great product. So easy to put together; 2 women put all these together and filled them.
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