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Residential Sauna Doors

Sauna doors are made of 100% cedar, and are framed and insulated clad in tongue and groove or solid core rails and stiles.

All of our doors are pre-hung in cedar door jambs/frames — so they're ready to install!

Sauna Door Types:

  1. Framed and insulated Sauna Door + No Window
  2. Framed and insulated  Sauna Door + 13" x 13" Window
  3. Framed and insulated  Sauna Door + 10"x18" Window
  4. Solid core Sauna Door + 55"x16" double pane tempered Window  
  5. Solid core Sauna Door + 67"x16" double pane tempered Window
  6. Sauna Door + Window + Louvered window cover
  7. All Glass tempered doors, with clear or desinger glass options >> View all glass sauna doors

Cedarbrook Sauna doors are constructed from cedar, pre-hung in a  5 1/8" wide jamb for either Left Hinged or Right Hinged swings. The standard rough opening size is 24" x 82". *All sauna doors open out for safety. Special custom sizes by quotation and other window shapes available - Call for a quote. Includes two standard hinges, one self-closing bomber hinge and one wood handle for the outside.   Choose from either 1x4 or 1x6 tongue and groove cedar when purchasing solid or smaller window doors. 

  • All Glass Tylo Hinged Door
  • All Glass Tylo Hinged Door

  • Price: $1,827.00

  • RRP: $2,331.00
      Save 22%
  • Louvered Cedar Sauna Window Cover
  • Louvered Cedar Sauna Window Cover

  • Price: $130.00

  • RRP: $168.00
      Save 23%
  • All Glass Sauna door
  • All Glass Sauna door

  • Price: $1,147.00

  • RRP: $1,436.00
      Save 20%
  • Back to Back Sauna Door Handles
  • Back to Back Sauna Door Handles

  • Price: $65.00

  • RRP: $87.00
      Save 25%
  • Etched Glass Mountain Scene
  • Etched Glass Mountain Scene

  • Price: $574.00

  • RRP: $755.00
      Save 24%
Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

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