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Charlie D., Seattle WA about   4'x8' Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit:
My wife and I are really enjoying the raised garden bed... when I get vegies going I will send pics. The best part was setting it up with our grandchildren. It went up so fast, that we had our soil and starts in no time. Thx!
moncler soldes about  Cedar Planter Box 25"L X 12"W X 7"H :
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Rob D, Flagstaff about  Polar HMR 60 Electric Sauna Heater:
We converted our large closet to sauna and this heater worked great. Thanks Cedarbros
Beau T., Austin TX about  Sauna Miracle Cover Marine - 1 Gallon:
We used it in our community gym sauna. Works well.
I am very happily impressed with your product. The kit arrived on a well packed and undamaged pallet, and everything was included. There were no missing pieces and all 63 individual pieces were clearly labeled. All the interior cedar was absolutely clear - not a single knot, and everything fit precisely. The only minor quibble I had was the instructions that arrived with the kit. They were not quite explicit enough and somewhat generic for all your kit sizes, but when ever I had a question, all it took was a phone call to your 800 number and the question was happily answered and a full explanation was received. Thank you for an outstanding product, I will be happy to recommend it to my friends.
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casa rural rioja about  Cedar Planter Benches in a Row:
Me gusta saborear y visitar blogs, aprecio mucho el contenido, el trabajo y el tiempo que ponéis en vuestros post. Buscando en por hay he encontrado tu web. Ya he disfrutado de varios post, pero este es muy interesante, es unos de mis temas favoritos, y por su calidad he disfrutado mucho. He puesto tu blog en mis favoritos pues creo que todos tus posts son interesantes y seguro que voy a pasar muy buenos momentos leyendolos.
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Great heater with great tech support: To break-in my heater, I left it on for more than half hour with the sauna door open to burn off any residual chemicals used in the manufacturing process, as recommended in the video.

The heater automatically shuts itself off so it doesn't burn out. I thought I had a wiring issue in the control box, but the reset button saved the day. Anyways, their tech support staff helped me out.

This heater got my 5'x7' sauna up to 160d F. Really nice. I'd highly recommend soaking birch leaves in the water you sprinkle on the heater. And I couldn't resist christening the sauna with a shot of cold vodka.
Robert Soucie about  Tylo Sense Sport 7 Sauna Heater:
We've had our heater for over 4 years now and have not had a single problem with it. Heats up quick and gets the job done! And Cedarbrook is a FANTASTIC company. They were very helpful when we were choosing a heater and they stand behind their products! Thanks, Cedarbrook!
Tim S., Durham, NC about  Residential Sauna Door + Solid Clear Cedar:
Good morning. We received our door on Monday. It is exactly what we wanted and it looks perfect -- very nice, and fits in the opening beautifully as well. One question, however do the doors usually come without the latching mechanism? If so, it's no big deal. But thanks again for a gorgeous door. I love that wood!
Dan M, Santa Fe about  Sauna Rocks, Vulcanite, 33# Box:
Sauna heater rocks are a smooth heat, no popping or smells. Just like you said. Thx
Jim Cummings about  Tylo Sense Combi-U 8KW Sauna Heater:
Piece of junk. Try finding a number for support. They don't exist in the USA. New unit was defective and no way to get help. Electricians couldn't get any support. Huge waste of time and money!!
Jeff A, Helena, MT about  Sauna Vent Grill 6" x 8":
Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thx
eojpvutxip about  Sauna Therapy Book:
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Paul S., Lake City, WA about  18" x 42" Cedar Pedestal Bench :
Wow. What a treat when a client gave me this for Christmas. It's even better than the pictures. And the extra seating was really helpful round the dinner table!
Tim S., Russelville, KY about  Commercial Sauna Door + 10"x18" Window:
Good morning. We received our door on Monday. It is exactly what we wanted and it looks perfect -- very nice, and fits in the opening beautifully as well. One question, however do the doors usually come without the latching mechanism? If so, it's no big deal. But thanks again for a gorgeous door. I love that wood!
Hannah A, Minneapolis, MN about  18" x 18" Cedar Pedestal Bench :
This lil bench is perfect for my small art studio. I get lots of compliments on it.
Holly Hughes, LMT about  Infrared Light Sauna Therapy Tent:
I have had a tent sauna for about 5 years and LOVE it. Started out with personal healing from cancer from which I totally healed. Now I use it maintain health and share with my massage clients, who warm up their muscles before sessions. Thanks!
Rick S., Plano, TX about  Residential Sauna Door + 10"x18" Window:
I like this door. Good deal for the price. Cedar was clear; no knots. Self-closing hinge is a nice feature. Very good quality cedar! Enjoyed the 5% refund on my next purchase too. I'll be back.
Dano in Santa Fe about  Infrared Vertical Sauna Light Box:
I really am enjoying my infrared light box in the bathroom. Especially at night, when I don't want any bright lights. I read that red lights are better for your sleep cycle too. Great after a shower when apply lotions.
Steve S., Salisbury, VT about  Sauna Rocks, Vulcanite, 50# Box:
Thanks for the conversation about rocks. These worked great. Still using 'em 3 years later.
Holly Mersant about  4'x4' Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit:
Raised beds in cedar were very nice but NOT easy to build. The holes to put the rods in were misaligned and then when we tried to call the company nobody ever called us back. We had to chip away at the sides to get the edges to fit over each other. The other issue is that the do not measure out to be 4 feet, so the soil and gravel we had was wayyyy too much.
Jeff B, Tacoma WA about  Polar HMR 45 Electric Sauna Heater:
We have a small sauna, 4x5 roughly. We kept to a low ceiling so the sauna heats up fairly quickly. Overall it's been a decent heater and our electrical bill hasn't changed much. We take a sauna every week.
Elizabeth Voss about  AromaSteam Essential Oil Delivery System:
Have moved to Australila and putting in steam room to renovation. Does you system require electrics? As different here than the us. Can tell from specs on website.
Charlie L., Mt. Shasta, CA about  18" x 42" Cedar Pedestal Bench :
Wow ~ imagine my surprise when I received this wonderful cedar bench as a present from some very special, longtime friends. It's quality, beauty, and sturdiness are tops! with the added pleasure of the natural cedar fragrance. The legs installed easily, though the help of a power drill/driver was a plus. Thanks!
P.s. ~ cute kittie!

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