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Sauna Chromatherapy Light Bulb Replacement
Sauna Chromatherapy Light Mixed white and colored lights in sauna ceiling

Sauna Chromatherapy Light Bulb Replacement

Chromatherapy uses color to enhance mood and soothe the body

Enhance your sauna experience with colored light

Includes -- Replacement

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Cedarbrook Sauna + Steam

Our senses and emotions are directly affected by our hormonal balance or imbalance

The psychological and therapeutic benefits of light may have a great and positive impact on you health and well-being

Chromatherapy helps you take advantage of the energy embodied in specific colors to reestablish and maintain balance and vitality in your life.

What is Chromatherapy? (Also called color therapy or colorology)

Chromatherapy is the use of colored lights in your sauna or steam. Colored lights combined with heat and hydrotherapy for many creates very soothing effects. 

Complete light assembly includes

Chromatherapy high output led light, 2 1/2" diameter 2 piece light assembly (center lens is removable to change the bulb) with transformer. Just plug it in! Complete with push button switch, waterproof light assembly, installation tool set and power supply with reflector lamp assembly. These "starburst" lights have seven different color combinations and can oscillate between them or be frozen on the color of your choice. Simply scroll through the different color options by pushing the on/off button (included) multiple times. Uses one tenth of the power of a standard light bulb!

Standard package includes one light and lens assembly. One transformer can support up to six light assemblies. To add light assemblies simply click to drop down menu for additional lights. The lights plug into an 110v outlet or can be hardwired to a junction box. *

Our light and lens assemblies are special long body housings, which help to install on walls that are thicker. The housings are threaded and a large nylon nut holds the light assembly in place from the back that is not seen.

The Power of Color

Light is made up of seven fundamental colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each color awakens different stimuli and has a positive effect on our body and soul. Making chromatherapy part of your overall wellness routine will help bring many benefits.

Activates circulation , awakens the senses and promote a sense of groundeness
Stimulates the immune system and soothes muscular and emotional discomfort by enhancing your sense of self worth. This color promotes balance and calm.
Promotes mental activity and aids digestion and elimination. Stimulates emotional awareness and release. Promotes the healing of emotional wounds by fostering self-appreciation. A powerful catalyst for deep creativity.
Relaxes the entire body and stabilizes emotions, which improves interpersonal relations (appreciation for others). Promotes humility and helps you accept others and their differences.
Reduces blood pressure and overexcitement, and relaxes the soul. Helps you express yourself while staying true to your convictions. Fosters awareness of and affirms your originality.
Stimulates the immune system, eliminates toxins and reduces stress. Fosters a profound appreciation for life, joy and peace that


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