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Sauna Heater Types

Sauna Heater Choices for All Kinds of Saunas

Popular sauna heater types and brands

Many sub-par sauna heaters have emerged with industrialization of the 3rd world. Often parts for these simply become unavailable which is why we stick with the proven brands. View our how to install a sauna heater video in the article: How to Build a Sauna | Convert a Room to a Sauna. Go directly to our store to view all sauna heaters.

Polar sauna heaters

Polar is the Best Selling Sauna Heater Worldwide

Your sauna will provide that true Finnish experience from the first moments you splash water onto the rocks of the Polar Finnish Heater. Here is a product whose ability to deliver gentle, balanced heat and steam is due to years of design and manufacturing experience. Check out your Polar sauna heater choices.

Tylo combi saunat heater

Combination Wet/Dry Sauna Heaters

These heaters combine traditional sauna heat from elements and hot rock with an additional steam boiler tank that operate simultaneously. A revolutionary sauna heater offering the traditional high temperature with the pleasure of genuine steam and multiple control panel options. Tylo Combis.

Scandia sauna heater

Scandia Sauna Heaters

Made in the USA from heavy duty stainless steel materials. They have some unique features such as the convection vent and element channels for air flow and a steamer tray which contains the water in the rock compartment. Solid state construction and welded by hand with brackets for wall mounting. All models come with an external control with 60 minute timer or a 24 hour timer and thermostat Scandia Sauna Heaters.

Vico gas sauna heaters

Natural Gas or Propane Sauna Heaters

Great for outdoor sauna rooms or sauna rooms with an exterior wall as venting is required. Also the gas heater can be the solution if your electrical service panel is maxed out. We carry Vico Gas brand.

Woodburning sauna heaters

Woodburning Sauna Heaters

Wood burning wood fired sauna stove heater. The Traditional Sauna Experience — Soft heat, soft steam and a crackling fire! Designed to use wood in place of electricity with very effective flame circulation system. The system heats up the rocks evenly and the sauna warms up quickly. The heat is efficiently transferred to the rocks. The result is soft heat. Create a pleasant steam by sprinkling water on the rocks. These heaters have an excellent efficiency ratio (more heat, less wood consumed). Blackline and Nippa brands.

LA Commercial sauna heater

Commercial Sauna Heaters

Powerful, free-standing heaters designed for use in large, commercial-size sauna rooms. Relay box, external control, and rocks included. Browse extra strength sauna heaters.

Infrared Heat Therapy Sauna Heater Lamps

Infrared Sauna Light

 Three ceramic light sockets in a cedar box emit heat in one minute! Place the infrared light box inside a closet, canvas enclosure or in a Cedarbrook modular sauna. The easiest sauna to create! See this light in the store. View the infrared sauna tent assembly. Or view the infrared lights in the catalog.

Infrared Emitters

Infrared Emitters

Provides deep penetrating infrared heat. These are high quality ceramic emitters controlled by an external control box. Up to 12 emitters can be wired to one control box. Ideal for people who are constucting a built-in infrared sauna room. Your electrician will wire and mount the emitters and control— into your stud bays at the correct locations. You then install the wood to your walls. See the infrared emitters in the store.



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